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Welcome Horizon Travel Magazine readers!  We’re excited to introduce you to our brand new collection of computer backpacks, messenger bags and rolling luggage, designed specifically with the needs of the Modern Traveler/Road Warrior in mind.


 The things that people take with them when they travel with have changed drastically.  Essentially every person, regardless of age, now travels with some combination of a laptop, ipad, nook, kindle, tablet, smart phone, ipod, mp3, power chargers…and the list goes on and on.  We realized that although what people were carrying had evolved, the bags and luggage they were carrying did not evolve to accommodate those changing needs.


 Our goal is to make travel as convenient and hassle-free as possible.  Traveling is grueling enough as it is; why not make life a little easier with a better-designed bag?  With our “checkpoint friendly” bags and luggage, going through airport security hasn’t been this easy since pre 9/11. 




Our travel gear is constructed of incomparable quality, designed specifically for the needs of the discerning, modern-day traveler.  Some features include:  


              ECBC Fastpass Friendly

"Checkpoint friendly” zippered compartments.  Simply unzip the designated pocket for your electronic gear, and lay the bag flat through the security scanner.



 The highly durable materials and padded compartments protect the financial investment you’ve made your electronics.  Ever had a TSA agent treat your laptop “less than gently” when you’re going through security?  Yeah, us too.  Luckily, now your laptop will stay safe and cozy inside your bag.

 All carry on luggage pieces come complete with a 4500mAh rechargeable battery pack. That means the days of searching for an electrical plug when you’re traveling, (then waiting for it after you’ve found it), are over!  The days of having a dead cell phone are also over.




There’s so much about ECBC products that you’ll love and we didn’t have the space to tell you about.  You really need to see and feel it for yourself. We’d like you to experience the “ECBC Difference” and for a limited time, are offering a 20% discount (and free shipping) on any product to Horizon Travel Magazine readers.  Simply use the code HTM20 at checkout.

Oh, and after you’ve used the product for a while, we’d love to hear your feedback.

Your opinions are very important to us…it’s how we come up with new design concepts to keep producing products with the features that are most important to you…the Modern Traveler.



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