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ECBC Lance Laptop Backpack

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High Quality Product
Ultimate Comfort
Great to See and Feel

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The ecbc Lance Executive Daypack backpack is perfect for the regular business traveler on the move. The high quality Lance Executive Daypack backpack will carry you from the office to the airport, organized and ready to depart. The ecbc Lance Executive Daypack backpack was designed specifically for today's modern business traveler, the Lance Executive Daypack backpack can replace your briefcase, holding your laptop, documents, all while allowing you to be hands free. With several organization compartments, take everything you need anywhere. The high quality Lance Executive Daypack backpack is the perfect Grab & Go bag! The Lance Executive Daypack features the ecbc FastPass® System, giving you the freedom to fly through TSA without having to unpack your laptop, tablet, or cables. Just unzip the YKK Self-Repairing zippers and lay the Lances laptop compartment flat on the conveyer! This thoughtfully designed daypack also has an incredible waist belt, rivaling those of technical climbing packs, the daypack will be secure without any doubt of it slipping. The belt stabilizes the pack and transfers the weight of the bag to the hips. It tucks tidily behind the pack's frame when not needed. The high quality Lance Executive Daypack backpack is constructed with nearly indestructible ballistic nylon, water resistant; EVA comfort foam back panel, and Duraflex adjustable padded shoulder straps for superior comfort that is expected by seasoned travelers.


¨ ECBC FastPass® System

¨ Self-Repairing, Water-Sealing YKK Zippers

¨ Up to 17” Laptop w/ Removable Modular Insert to Fit Smaller Devices

¨ 19 Storage Compartments

¨ High Density Protective Foam in Laptop & Tablet Pockets

¨ Padded iPad / Tablet Pocket

¨ Phone Pocket

¨ Quick Access / Ticket Pocket

¨ Zippered Water Bottle Holder

¨ Multiple Organizational Compartments

¨ 28 Liter Capacity

¨ Water Resistant

¨ EVA Comfort Foam Back Panel

¨ Duraflex Adjustable Padded Shoulder Straps

¨ Waist Belt - Tucks Away When Not Needed

¨ Padded Top Handle

¨ Constructed with Nearly Indestructible Ballistic Nylon

¨ Weighs a convenient 3.4 pounds


Additional Information
Available Colors:
• Black
• Grey

• 19.4” x 12.13” x 9.23”
• 3.4 lbs

• Body –840d HD Ballistic Nylon
• Base – 1680d HD Ballistic Nylon
• Lining – 210d Double Diamond Ripstop Nylon

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Product Reviews

Feefo Review
Well made, great for work, incredibly comfortable. Especially enjoy utilitarian design, useful pockets for office in the go, easy access.
Feefo Review
Great build quality and I love that there is so many pockets and places to store my things. I'd definitely recommend.
Feefo Review
Wooohooo!! Love my ECBC!
Feefo Review
Feefo Review
Exceeded high expectations. Elegant, professional, functional design evokes class, sophistication and satisfaction. Just completed trip to Germany with it and noticed the longing eyes of several discerning travelers/engineers. A+++
Feefo Review
Great! No complaints at all
Feefo Review
This is my daily bag to go to and from the office as well as the only backpack I will bring on the plane with my wheeled garment bag from ECBC as well. Because both bags are TSA compliant all I have to do is removed stuff from my pockets, shoes, belt, etc, place them in the bags, and place them on the belt to unzip the laptop sections for scanning at the airport. These are the only bags I travel with and am a customer for life. The beverage holders on the backpack are awesome for when I have a coffee mug and bottle of water to carry without losing any space in the bag and all of its pockets. It holds absolutely everything I could ever need in my daily job in IT.

The only thing I would like to see on the back pack is a pass through sleeve so it could be slide onto the handle of a roll aboard or checked bag the way the laptop messenger bag does.
Feefo Review
Feefo Review
It was just what I had hoped. Versatile, well made, not too big. The chest strap is a real plus.
Feefo Review
Very efficient layout and very well made
Feefo Review
maybe color code the zipper pulls so you can easily tell which section is which - top small pockets could be a little deeper

It's a great pack but I think it is overpriced for what it does offer.

"It's a great pack but I think it is overpriced for what it does offer. I was expecting a bit more room inside the pack but the main compartment is wide but not thick enough to fit in a lot of books/stuff. Because the tablet compartment is located on the outer part the mass shifts way out in the back making it even more uncomfortable. I was disapointed after reading and seeing such great reviews. I guess when the reviewers got it for half price it was a great pack."

I couldn't be happier with my purchase

"Going to school in San Francisco I needed a bag that was water proof to protect my electronics. This bag is stylish and big enough to carry my 17in laptop as well as 3 huge business books. I couldn't be happier with my purchase."

functional not only as an urban pack for getting around town, taking on the subway, bus, etc.,

"I am a touring musician and had some specific requirements for my new backpack: A laptop bag that I could use for my daily travel with enough space for my 13" laptop, books, headphones, small midi keyboard, papers, snacks, chargers, cords, and odds and ends that I need to keep with me on tour; TSA friendly as I fly often; functional not only as an urban pack for getting around town, taking on the subway, bus, etc., but also as an outdoor pack for day hikes or the beach. Durability, comfort, versatility, water resistance, and two water bottle holders (one for water one for coffee) were all requirements. The Lance is one of the few bags that ticks all these boxes. I've had it for a week, and overall I'm satisfied. Build is top notch. Zippered water bottle compartments are great and will house almost any size bottle snugly. Back is rigid and helps pack keep its form even when empty. Waste and chest straps are top notch and make for a very comfortable pack, even when carrying a lot of weight. Laptop compartment seems very protective. Main pocket is roomy, small top pocket is great for sunglasses, phone, etc. The front pockets and organizers are where this pack comes up a bit short for me. There are lots of storage options, but they mostly consist of large, deep sub-compartments, most with a single velcro snap rather than zippers, or small slots with no snap or zipper. There are two decent sized mesh zipper pockets, and one big, deep inner zipper compartment, but they don't offer much horizontal depth for bulky items, which mostly have to go in the main compartment. I'd prefer more smaller mesh zipper compartments for keeping little odds and ends secure, separated and organized, rather than just having them sitting in a big, loose snap slot. There is no slot for business cards, credit cards, IDs, etc. There are a lot of deep corners to lose things. Overall a great pack, if the accessibility and organization of the front pockets were improved, it would be perfect. "

I use a Dell Latitude E5550, Surface 3, and my tools and other daily tech items in this bag.

"I use a Dell Latitude E5550, Surface 3, and my tools and other daily tech items in this bag. Very comfortable straps even with a decent weight in the bag. I love the side pockets for drinks. Able to carry a bottle and zip it up. Also able to carry a smaller umbrella. I use the mesh pocket inside the middle section for my power brick, but it's tough to fit both my surface power bring and dell in the same pocket. I would like to see more business features such as a place for business cards. Over all I still recommend this product for someone looking for a great bag for daily carry."

Best backpack I've owned

Best backpack I've owned and worthy of the positive reviews and videos seen online before purchase. Appearance is professional, pockets/storage are all well thought out, and is more comfortable than other backpacks I've tried. I do appreciate that I can get to everything without hassle whether it's a laptop, full size iPad, sunglasses, etc. Overall it's the perfect size for daily work usage and travel and expect that this pack will last quite a while."

professional look

The bags ability to hide the hip straps, the size, the rating, the durability, and the professional look.

this was the winner

My son did research on backpacks and this was the winner. He's very passionate about it-- so I'm getting one for my daughter as she enters school at SCAD this fall.

Excellent Backpack for Business Professionals

I've always preferred a backpack to a briefcase, but struggled to find one that looked professional, provided excellent protection for my electronics, had plenty of room and good organization. The Lance Executive Daypack fits all my needs. I'm very pleased with my purchase.


I fell in love with this Daypack the second I saw it on Before You Buy on Twit. I then read every review and everyone practically gave it a perfect rating. I bought it right away. The detail of craftsmanship, not a single out of place thread, straps and zippers feel strong. I crammed it with all my tech and still had plenty of space. I bought the Blue Hercules and the Lance. I stared at them for 3 days and had to make the decision to send one back. It was a hard choice. I want to note, my relative bragged about his Pelican backpack, being strong and top of the line. It was huge, bulky and not practically for a traveler. I felt anyone who buys that bag from Pelican bought into too much hype. ECBC offer Comfort, Style AND the solid protection for the Techy Traveler on the go. I have Never been so excited or proud to own a Back Pack in my entire life.

The Twit didn't mention this but I feel really made this company stand out is the hand written letter from the company and a companion tote bag. This company has earned my business for life.


I had been shopping new backpacks for almost a year. I had found one or two (other brands) that seemed to be a great option for me and my needs in my daily use and my very frequent travels for business but I was having a hard time justifying the significantly higher cost of those one or two that I had found. I was shopping backpacks that were TSA Checkpoint friendly and that were durable.

When I discovered ECBC, I found a balance between what I was looking at a fair price. Also, I was shopping the ECBC bag at a time when a premium was being offered of a portable battery pack (something which I was thinking about starting to carry). I knew immediately upon discovering the bag that it would be a great choice for me and only had to choose between a couple different options of backpacks.

My order arrived quickly. Upon examination, I found the bag to be practical and as advertised.

The bag did not have a trolley slot (a sleeve to slip it over a luggage handle) though the bag does have a waist & chest straps which I figured would work in lieu of the trolley slot.

At the time I write this, I have had the bag almost 6 months. It travels with me on my daily outings and has also traveled literally thousands and thousands of miles (in such a short time) with me via car, plane, train and boat. It has held up without incident and has shown to be a wise choice for me.

I which the inside zipper mesh pockets were a little bigger or more forgiving.

The lacking trolley slot was my only known downside prior to acquiring it and has not seemed to impede me in my travels.

The one unforeseen downside has been that the bag does not easily stand alone, without being propped up, regardless if empty or not; regardless how I pack the bag.

The premium (portable battery) I received with my order was defective upon arrival. It was, without hesitation, immediately replaced by ECBC and was shipped to my next destination as I would be on the road by the time it would arrive. I was pleasantly surprised to receive an unexpected gift as an apology with the replacement battery pack!

Value of product to price = A+
Functionality of bag = A- (due to the inability of the bag to stand on its own)
Customer service = A+
I give the bag a strong A- to a solid A in rating (fix the ability of the bag to stand alone and I change this to an A+)

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, I give the bag a 9.

I have (and do) suggested and recommend this bag (& ECBC) to others. I would buy this bag again.

Very, pleased with my choice.

Excellent products, superbly made, well appreciated. Will purchase from them again!

Excellent products, superbly made, well appreciated. Will purchase from them again!


I am something of a daypack nut. In fact, I review daypacks and messenger bags in my spare time. This means that I know my daypacks. This Lance Executive is a HUGE winner. If you want a more comprehensive review, please see my blog at

Know that this is the bag that I finally settled on after a long search for the ultimate crossover day pack (CDP). You can read through all of my reviews and opinions, but ultimately, you should simply save your time and get this pack.

The two things that serve as an indicator of the quality of the design of this pack: 1) the perfectly designed sunglasses pocket and 2) the superb waist belt. If ecbc is THIS thoughtful about these two items (that most people, other than me, might consider minor), you can bet that they are thoughtful about all the other aspects of the pack. Indeed they are!

Get and you won't regret!
Murrieta California 92562 US