Watch and read these unbiased video reviews of some of our most popular TSA friendly luggage and TSA friendly backpacks shot by some incredible independent bloggers. These were recorded and written by some of our favorite bloggers and other travelers who love our products!

ecbc Video Reviews

Carryon luggage hasn’t really ever evolved that drastically – at least until now. Luggage can get pretty tedious as companies are constantly pumping out the same products while not really reinventing anything. Modern travelers have different needs when it comes to luggage, and we found a company who seized this opportunity.

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This is one great crossover daypack. If you have read this blog, you know that I have a specific set of criteria that I am looking for in a "CDP." As a professional, I need a bag that can carry electronic devices and files for work and yet, as a dad, I need a pack that can carry my gear for urban and natural adventures on weekends. If you are like me, then I think your search may be over. 



The combination of the ballistic nylon and the water resistance proves to be everything I need to keep my gear safe when I’m on the road. I’ve dragged this pack through the rain, snow and the extreme heat and it has yet to fail me.


With its own power source and FastPass system, this is the perfect backpack for the jetsetter on the go.

Casey Cochran from Imperial Computer Solutions shows us the new Hercules Laptop Backpack from ECBC. This bag has more than enough room to carry all your high-tech gadgets, from laptop computers and an iPad, to your smart phone and all your power cords and chargers. It has stylish looks and is perfect for the tech savvy student or traveler. It's also equipped with a "Fast Pass" pocket for your computer, allowing easy access at airport security gate.

So how did the ecbc B7103 Lance Daypack perform at CES?  I give it an A+.  This bag is flat out awesome.  What strikes me most about it is how much stuff I was able to fit inside it yet how slim the bag both looked and felt at the same time.  I packed it with a ton of gear yet the bag never seemed more than half full to me while using it.

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ecbc Blogger Written Reviews

"In my bag was everything I’d need for a day trip: a water bottle, snacks, iPhone, sunglasses, a light jacket in case it would get cold and my laptop – just in case I’d need to get some work done. Each item was perfectly organized in the Hercules’s many pockets and compartments."

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"The ECBC Lance Exectuive Daypack looks professional, with its strong build and thoughtful design. Its combo chest and waste straps, as well as its amply padded shoulder straps, make it one of the more comfortable large laptop bags we’ve tested."

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"Hats off to ECBC for the design of the Hercules backpack. The materials, layout, handy features, and colors make this a first rate choice. I am very demanding on my work gear. The fact that it held up to three straight weeks of heavy use in the field with only a few issues really impressed me."

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"As I have written before on how brutal I am on Backpacks, Rolling bags you name it. Rarely does a year go buy in which I don’t have to buy a new one. Part of the reason is I am on the go continuously and I am bit of over packer stuffing the bag full and then shoving bags in airplane bins, back of my SUV or working at the beach. I am the right guy to really stress test bags In fact my wife laughs ever time I tell her I broke a wheel, busted a strap, ripped the fabric, broke a zipper etc and I have the dead hulks here to prove it. So ECBC took a big chance on letting me put one of their bags through my abuse."

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"When the ECBC Javelin Daypack arrived at my desk, I opened the box and thought “Well, that’s a backpack.” And while the Javelin may have initially appeared plain and unassuming, what it actually is, is one of the best organized backpacks I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. With an exterior made from durable, water-repelling ballistic nylon, a padded mesh back and shoulder straps, and double diamond rip-stop lining inside, it’s also built to be extremely durable."

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"Much like the Javelin, the Hercules features a plethora of pockets, extremely durable materials, and is TSA FastPass compliant (meaning you can simply unzip the laptop compartment and lay it flat while going through airport security). Its larger size means you can fit more in it, while its solid design keeps it comfortable to wear. In short, while the Javelin was an exceptional all-around bag, the Hercules is a stand-out bag for those who frequently travel with a good amount of gear."

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