The ECBC Story.


We built ecbc with today’s frequent traveler in mind. Our luggage is designed around the cares and concerns of upscale business travelers, making sure their luggage solves problems, not causes them.

Our focus has always been on what travelers carry, how they carry it and how secure travelers need to feel as they rapidly make their way through plane connections and hotel lobbies. Our bags are designed to be efficient, protective and durable -- strong and lightweight luggage meant for speeding busy travelers through TSA and keeping them on track.


We are a small, innovative company located in the wine country outside San Diego, CA. We got our start in creating custom packaging for manufactured items around the world. Delicate items require the right packaging and protection, and so do the electronics that travelers carry.

Our founder and CEO Jean-Luc Annet took inspiration from this experience and smartly mixed it with his practice as a frequent business traveler spending a lot of time in airplane seats and airports. Jean-Luc saw the wisdom of creating the perfect luggage item for what frequent upscale travelers need most: logical carry-on luggage that included electronics and alleviated the need to unpack expensive gear at TSA checkpoints. Combining multiple features that allowed passengers to fly through TSA security and keep gear protected and powered was our starting point.


Everything in one place: that is our promise. Carry-on bags that could keep this promise while allowing the traveler to carry more than enough clothing and supplies for a multi-day stay was our goal. The result was our signature Sparrow Wheeled Garment Bag with FastPass® laptop storage system and a portable power bank. Fast-moving travelers have all they need to carry – for one day up to three days -- easily packing them, rolling with them, and quickly unzipping them for TSA – no item removal, no forgetting the iPad, Smartphone or computer at the check-point (how many times have we done that?). With devices charged by the lightweight portable power supply, and the gate just ahead, all is right with the world no matter what eventuality a traveler faces.


We continued to innovate on these concepts, branching out and adding backpacks, messenger bags and other protective pieces with the same design concepts that work together to get travelers where they need to go, easily and in style.

“I use them,” says Jean-Luc. “I was on the road for my company constantly. I grew tired of unpacking at every TSA checkpoint. I designed these bags for me.

“And they truly are the perfect solution for sophisticated, frequent travelers who need an attractive bag that keeps them organized and comfortable, and will last a long time.”

Ecbc keeps its promises with generous warranty policies, including a take us for a test drive option, and a very friendly customer service team driven to please.

Our story is about continuous innovation on luggage and carry-on features that earn bragging rights and turn travelers, be they business travelers (or leisure vacationers tenuously tethered to the office), into passionate fans.

If you don’t know us, it’s time you did.

Murrieta California 92562 US