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Joe Mantegna with his ECBC travel bagJOE MANTEGNA –


Over the course of 40 years, Joe Mantegna has had a hugely successful career in film and television as an actor, producer and director.   He is known worldwide, most notably for his roles in The Godfather III, Criminal Minds, Searching For Bobby Fischer, The Simpsons, Joan of Arcadia and many more.  Joe won the Best Actor Tony for his work in Glengarry Glenross and won Best Actor Award at the Venice Film Festival for his role in Things Change.   Joe has been nominated three times for an Emmy and once for a Golden Globe for his TV roles.  Joe is also involved in raising awareness for many charities, such as The Gary Sinise Foundation, Autism Speaks, Easter Seals and The Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center.  He is also one of the nicest, most down-to-earth people we at ecbc have ever had the pleasure of meeting. 

With a busy schedule that includes frequent travel between his work as an actor from location to location and his “off the set” charity work, Joe needs a sturdy, reliable and organized bag that will help to make his hectic traveling lifestyle a bit simpler. His answer? ecbc.  Although he's tried numerous brands on the market over the years, Joe remarks that since discovering ecbc, it's the brand he now most frequently chooses to travel with.

“The Sparrow Rolling Garment Bag takes luggage to the next level,” remarked Joe.  “I absolutely love mine!”

What does Joe mean when he says that ecbc takes luggage to the next level?  We asked him that very question and he responded very thoughtfully, with an incredible eye for detail.  Joe explained that his work requires him to travel out of town sometimes overnight, sometimes for a couple of weeks, and sometimes for months at a time.  He never used to have that perfect travel bag for every scenario, but he said that his ecbc Sparrow bag is “the perfect compromise.”  He continued, “My Sparrow bridges that world between bags that are too big or too small and is a really intelligent hybrid.  I used to take a piece of rolling luggage for clothing and also a briefcase for my laptop, tablet, other portable devices, business items and maybe some pictures to sign at events.  But my Sparrow satisfies both needs.  Now, I only need my ecbc bag.” 

In fact, at the time we spoke with Joe, he was headed to Las Vegas for a 24-hour turnaround trip, during which he would give a speech at a convention to benefit the U.S. Military.  Joe noted that his ecbc Sparrow was packed, ready to go and was the only bag he would need.

Joe admires the ample padding and removable modular inserts for smaller devices. “With my ecbc bag, I don’t have any of those ‘Where do I put my computer?’ questions.  The bag is designed with a lot of regard for protecting electronics.  There is a safe and perfectly sized compartment for everything.” 

We can see Joe now, whisking through TSA checkpoints with his Sparrow - unzipping the FastPass compartment to display all of his electronics, safe and secure, then laying the compartment flat and sending the bag straight through the scanner.  No hassle, no stress, no emptying valuables and cords into grey bins.  Enjoy your travels with ecbc, Joe!

 Joe uses the ecbc Sparrow Wheeled Garment Bag in black.



To find the perfect bag, Sagen Gunnoe's needs are big. The public may know her best through her achievement of winning the 2013's Mrs. Mississippi Pageant, but Sagen's personal ambitions also keep her busy. Sagen is in her third year of veterinary school, requiring her to travel frequently to different clinics and farms for checkups. Her busy lifestyle is even more impressive given her dark past with severe scoliosis, and the now 18 inches of titanium rods in her spine. She needs travel gear that can meet the varying needs of her multi-faceted busy lifestyle, while providing comfort she is so acutely aware of needing.

As a pageant goer, Sagen lived out of the black roller bag which proved invaluable. “This bag is my all-time favorite. I can have my phone and computer plugged into the built-in charging station during flights and they're ready for use by the time I land. Plus, it's so durable, the 20 pairs of stilettos I pack for pageants are unharmed and no holes are poked through the bag! It's the best bag I've owned.”

As a third year veterinary student, Sagen's days are spent in and out of animal clinics, and sometimes heading to farm calls. Sagen chooses to bring her ECBC backpack and messenger bag because she's confident they'll hold up. “In the vet world, things can get pretty dirty, but the bag easily holds my patient's files and a clean set of scrubs for me. Plus, it spot cleans so easily that I don't mind putting it in potentially messy situations.”

The bags aren't only used to ease Sagen's professional life, and she's not the only one to love the bags. Her husband, who is in the Air Force, has also enjoyed the innovative charging station in the rolling bag when he flies 15 hour trips overseas. Not to mention, the most recent cruise trip the couple took, the bag's size proved easily stowable underneath the bed; something much appreciated in the small cabin rooms on cruise ships.  “We've put this bag through the ringer and I'm confident it will continue to hold up.”

“The most important thing is functionality and the ECBC bags are exactly that. Plus, with my severe back problems, it's hard to find something that doesn't hurt. Both the ECBC backpack and messenger bag with their thick padded straps make them comfortable to wear, even for me.”



Rick’s lifestyle is demanding. His job is demanding. His work ethic demanding and his need for a durable, long lasting bag that offers organization on the go is mandatory. With Blue Clay clients ranging from Cindy Crawford, The Osbournes, The Robb Report, The Four Seasons Hotel, and more. Rick’s requirements are stringent. He needs plenty of space to transport fitness equipment, organization that keeps his business on the go literally empowering him to operate a portable office from his bag, and the durability to insure that the weights, equipment, iDevices and more don’t end up spilling onto the floor in front of a prestigious client.

To meet this need, Rick chooses ECBC. “I’ve been through the range of bags out there,” says Rick, “And I’m not an easy partner for any of them. With ECBC  and it’s fantastic design, I’m able to transport my laptop, iPad, iPhone, fitness gear, spare clothes, wellness products, and there’s no such thing as bursting at the seams. I travel from one client to the next, packing, unpacking, repacking, and with ECBC, my devices are even recharging….all my bases are covered. The high quality and reliability means its more focus I can lend to insuring my clients are getting the best in fitness training. It makes my life and my business, a whole level simpler.”

One things for sure, we’re elated that lifestyles across the board find ECBC the solution. Whether it be dedicated solely for business, solely for travel, or just a reliable solution to protect your laptop when you have to leave the house, we’re here. We’re ECBC. And Rick Hagaman is, a modern traveler defined.



Dan BrodbeckDAN BRODBECK – 2011 Juno Award Winning Producer/Engineer

Dan Brodbeck lives music. Dan Brodbeck loves music. Dan understands perfection, he creates it and wins awards for it. In today’s recording studio world, protecting your gear and electronics is mission critical. With the advent of portability comes the need to have a rock solid solution that allows musicians, producers, engineers and their devices to remain confident the tools of their craft can transport safely and securely, whether it be across town or across the ocean. “I find the ECBC bags design and padding, some of the best protection I’ve seen. Whether it’s working from the iPad or transporting hard drives of music files, ECBC bags offer me the security and organizational ability to keep my files safe, my busy world organized, and when traveling away from home, my devices charged and my packing organized.”

Unique to Dan’s case is the ability to literally have a recording studio in a laptop. Picking up a laptop, packing along a few mics and heading the airport all while being able to leave all his electronic devices inside the ECBC bag mean less banging around, less chance of damage, and less chance of losing priceless takes of that once in a lifetime, irreplaceable vocal he traveled 1500 miles to get.

With ECBC’s “Checkpoint Friendly” design, it also means that valuable equipment is not bounced around the airport bins risking often times irreplaceable equipment and data.

Dan uses the Javelin Daypack, found here:

Dan Brodbeck is, a modern traveler defined.


The ECBC Challenge.

There’s American Idol, The Voice, The Biggest Loser, Survivor…wait…Survivor. Hmmm…

Ok, how bout this. We’re up for a challenge. You tell us, we’ll do our best to make it happen. Remember when luggage companies would pit their products up against the NFL teams such as the Pittsburgh Steelers to show their durability?  Remember The Gorilla vs the Suitcase Matchup? Ah yes, the good old days of television.

We decided to reach out and asked our customer base, how can we demonstrate individual features of our bags in a way that sends a very clear message. It quickly became apparent the initial focus to most travelers today was durability. Now, how could we find the ultimate test, the show stopper, the durability test of all durability tests.

We think we did it. And thanks to one particular customer who loves Rock and Roll, you’re going to love this.

We put our bags on a rock and roll tour. Yup, that’s right. But we didn’t just pick any Rock and Roll tour, we had to find THE quintessential rock and roll tour that would demonstrate just how much abuse our bags can tolerate. Would it be The Stones? No, that’s all private jets and luxury hotels. U2? No, doesn’t quite have that rock and roll tough guy image…….Then someone suggested the perfect band.

30 million records sold worldwide. Grammy Winners. Legends of Rock and Roll. Motorhead. In the Guinness Book of World Records for being the Loudest Band on Earth. Think they aren’t tough? A Spin Magazine report cited the Cleveland Variety Theater was damaged when the band Motorhead reached a reported decibel level of 130, 10 decibels louder than the record set by The Who.These guys damage buildings with sheer sound. The list of bands influenced by Motorhead reads like a who’s who of Heavy Metal and their reputation in rock and roll is  unparalleled. So we sent our gear out to Drummer Mikkey Dee and Guitarist Phil Campbell and we’re looking forward to bringing you their words, on just how well we can survive, a tour with Motorhead.  The first in many of….The ECBC Challenge.

  Got an idea of your own? Send em. We’ll entertain it.


“As a busy mother of two very busy little girls, discovering the Hercules backpack was an enormous help.  It has quickly become our “go to” pack, regardless of where we are headed.  We take it to T-ball, Cheer, to the park, the mall, even camping!. It’s our family’s new best friend!”” 

  •  NIKI DIAZ – Self Employed Work at Home Mother of Two

Murrieta California 92562 US