ECBC's high quality duffle bag come in three sizes


The 22" Falcon Duffle Bag

The 22" Falcon Duffle Bag is comprised of the highest quality 840d HD Ballistic Nylon. This incredibly durable material will withstand even the most seasoned modern traveler, enduring all of the airport terminals, overhead bins, and TSA checkpoints while continuing to provide the highest quality materials and organization.

The 22" Falcon Duffle Bag comes with high quality features, such as a high quality trolley that extends 20" from it's hidden position, and high quality wheels that will not wear out after years of heavy usage - we know, we've tried! The 22" Falcon duffle bag makes the perfect, high capacity, carry on for your travels. The dimensions (22” x 14” x 10”) allow this high quality duffle bag to be stowed in overhead compartments on your favorite airline.

In addition to the high quality trolley and high quality wheels, the ECBC Falcon 22" Duffle Bag also features our FastPass® System. This advanced, TSA friendly, feature allows today's tech savvy traveler to breeze through TSA checkpoints without having to unpack all electronics into those dingy bins that are provided. Simply lay the ECBC 22" Falcon Duffle Bag on the conveyer, unzip the FastPass® compartment, and pass the entire duffle bag through the scanner. No bins, no unpacking! Simply walk through the metal detector to receive your duffle bag on the other side, nothing to repack. Just zip up the FastPass® compartment and head to your terminal. More time relaxing before your travels and less time reorganizing your duffle bag.

Enjoy this video on the 22" Falcon Duffle Bag's FastPass® System


The 26" & 30" Falcon Duffle Bags

These two high quality duffle bags are a couple of the highest capacity rolling duffle bags you can find! 

The 26" Falcon Duffle Bag allows up to 51 liters of garments, toiletries, and all your travel necessities. 

The 30" Falcon Duffle Bag has an incredible 58 liters of your travel items. 

Both of these high quality duffle bags have a trolley that is sturdy and durable. Couple this high quality trolley with high quality wheels and you've got yourself an incredibly smooth ride through the aiport with your duffle bag. 

These larger duffle bags do not feature the ECBC FastPass® System; however, the fiercely protective 840d HD Ballistic Nylon and 210d Double Diamond Ripstop lining will not let your packed items be disturbed. 


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