What You Should And Shouldn’t Eat When Taking Your Next Flight

Brittany Reed
Modern airlines like Hawaiian Airlines or Delta have been really ramping up their food options in recent years, and with master chefs moving their restaurants and fares into airports, it can be tough not to get just a little excited to eat when taking your next flight. That being said, there are things you should eat, and maybe should avoid before hopping on a plane for business or pleasure. A few things you should avoid before or during your next flight are:Read More

The Top 5 Beaches To Book A Trip To In 2017

Brittany Reed
There is no wrong time to book a great beach vacation, and with all of the new top travel destinations popping up year after year, how do you know which to choose? We’ve outlined the top 5 beaches to book a trip to in 2017, so all you’ve got to do is determine which tops your own personal list! The top 5 beaches to check out this year are:Read More

The Top 8 Airlines For Foodies Around The World

Brittany Reed
When you think of airlines, the first thing you think of probably isn’t world class cuisine, but it’s not completely out of the question either! For foodies, some airlines stick out more than others, and we want to outline the top 8 airlines for travelers who want to enjoy a great meal at 39,000 feet. The top 8 airlines for the world’s foodies include:Read More

Learning To Beat Chronic Travel Fatigue

Brittany Reed
A life of frequent business travel sounds like an exotic and desirable one. However, one of the first things that many living this life learn is that while a life of travelling and adventure is great, it also comes with quite a bit of burnout unique to chronic travel fatigue. Chronic travel fatigue happens when you’re taken away from home and onto the road, or the air, for long periods of time, not allowing you the self-care time you need to unwind and relax between long trips. Learning to beat chronic travel fatigue can help you to enjoy your life of travel more often, and there are things you can do while away to better enjoy your time spent on the road. A few tips to help travelers to beat the chronic travel fatigue include:Read More

The Messenger Bag For Every Use And Every Occasion

Brittany Reed
Messenger bags are great for travel, and that means going across the world or going across campus! No matter your use, our Zeus Messenger Bag does it all, and the possibilities of this bag quickly become evident when we break down some of the features that make it so great.Read More

The Garment Bag You Won’t Mind Checking

Brittany Reed
While it’s great to live from your carry-on and skip those long checked bag lines, it’s not always feasible. For longer trips, you’ll need a bigger bag, and we have just the thing with our Sparrow II Wheeled Garment Bag. This bag perfectly fits a messenger or carry-on bag on top, and the comfortable wheeled construction ensures you can take this bag right along with you all throughout the airport without worry of discomfort. If you’re travelling a large airport like Heathrow or LaGuardia, you won’t need to dread lugging your luggage from one place to another. To see what this bag has to offer, let’s check out a few of its top specs:Read More

From Business To Pleasure – Why You Need The Falcon Wheeled Duffle Bag

Brittany Reed
Checking your bag means extra lines, extra security, and extra worry, so it’s no wonder why you’d want to avoid it for those shorter trips. Luckily, our Falcon Wheeled Duffle Bag is the highest capacity carry-on bag available, and fully equipped with Fast Pass, traveling with your electronics has never been easier. Whether you’re planning to travel on a weekend getaway, or you’re flying out for a big meeting, our Falcon Wheeled Duffle Bag will be your new best travelling companion.Read More

Balancing Your Family Life With Your Business Travel

Brittany Reed
As anyone who travels frequently for business knows, balancing your business travel life with your home life can be really difficult for all parties involved. A child may have a birthday in Minnesota, while you’re all the way in Tokyo for a meeting, or your spouse is having an anniversary dinner alone in New York while you’re having a client dinner in Vancouver. While tough, business travel and family life can come to a place of balance, leaving all parties satisfied and as happy as they can be while their loved ones are located far away.Read More

Eliminating The Stress From Air Travel

Brittany Reed
Whether you’re travelling for business or for pleasure, it’s no secret that air travel can really be a headache. From the long lines, to the extra fees, to rough flights and airsickness, air travel is harrowing even for the most experienced of travelers. That being said, air travel stress can be minimized, and with a few tips, you can be well on your way to eliminating those big stresses that make you dread those trips to the airport. Tips you can use to eliminate some of your air travel stresses include:Read More

Airport Lounges – Are They Worth The Cash?

Brittany Reed
You may have seen signs for them while making your way through the airport during business travel, or on your way to a vacation – the airport lounge. They’re often sectioned off and pretty private, with some not even allowing you a look in. So, what’s in an airport lounge? Are they worth the cash? Should you look into getting your own passes or membership?Read More

5 Lesser Thought-Of Travel Destinations You Should Check Out Now

Brittany Reed
The Caribbean, the Maldives, the South of France, a tour of the British Isles – there are some travel destinations that seemingly reside on everyone’s favorites or bucket list. However, there is a big, wide, and beautiful world out there, and we want to outline some incredible travel destinations that perhaps you haven’t really considered before. The 5 lesser thought-of travel destinations you should check out now are:Read More

7 Packing Hacks To Fit More In Your Luggage

Brittany Reed
Whether you’re travelling for business or for pleasure, packing your luggage can be a real headache. You want to fit all of your items inside a small bag for air travel, but between what you need to get there, and any souvenirs you may wish to bring home, this is much easier said than done at times. However, we want to outline a few of our favorite packing hacks that make fitting more into your luggage a simple reality. 7 packing hacks to fit more in your luggage include:Read More

What To Look For In Wheeled Luggage

Brittany Reed
Everyone knows that things just move easier when they’re on wheels. Cars, bikes, skates; moving swiftly in the right direction has never been easier. Forget pushing, pulling, and tugging, just load all your goods onto a wagon or trolley and enjoy the freedom as your goods go across the floor with ease.Read More

Top Features Of A Good Messenger Bag

Brittany Reed
A messenger bag is so much more than a fashion statement. It’s an important piece of travel gear, a great protector of your personal items, and a smart way to transport your life across town or across the world. Having a good messenger bag is as important as having a good piece of luggage, but you might even use your messenger bag even more often if you’re always on-the-go.Read More

The Difference Between Coach, Business & First Class

Brittany Reed
Buying a plane ticket should be simple, but there’s often more to it than just booking a seat. Knowing exactly what you’re getting for the seat you’ll be occupying can be tricky, but knowing exactly what class your seat is in can help you navigate easier. But how do you know where you want to sit? Is first class really better than economy class? (Hint: yes) Is business class that far behind first? (Hint: not really). And is economy class as bare-bones as people say it is? (Hint: depends on the airline).Read More

Highlights Of ECBC FastPass

Brittany Reed
No one loves going through TSA. Even when you’ve done nothing wrong, you can’t help but feel like you’re being scrutinized. Some people actually feel overwhelming anxiety while others just grin and bear it. Whichever type of reaction you have to TSA checkpoints might depend on how much gear you have to load and unload into the required bins.Read More

Balancing Business Travel & Family

Brittany Reed
Do you travel often for business? Those who do know one thing: striking a balance between business and home life can be tricky. If you have a family, it can be even tougher to find a way to keep the relationship ties strong when you have to be in another part of the country—or another part of the world—much of the time.Read More

11 Places To See Before You Retire

Brittany Reed
Many people think about the places they’ll go after they retire. But have you ever thought about the places that you’ll go before you retire? You can’t visit many places after your last day of employment, but some of the destinations are perfect for those who are ready to take a break away from the rigors of the workforce and jump into an adventure. Retirement means taking things easy and slowly enjoying your trip. Pre-retirement means plunging in with both feet and letting loose!Read More

7 Of Our Favorite Airline Meals

Brittany Reed
From peanuts to filet of sole, the foods that are served on any given airline can vary. You might get a poached egg on toast, or you might get salmon eggs on toast points with a nice Chianti to wash it down. Of course, every flight is different and many meals depend on where you sit.Read More

5 Reasons To Love ECBC

Brittany Reed
We sell the best luggage, duffle bags, backpacks, or messenger bags you’ll ever own. That’s what ecbc is all about. Though there are many reasons why you should fall in love with ecbc, these are 5 of the best.Read More

25 Quotes That Sum Up Business Travel

Brittany Reed
For those who travel a lot for business, words cannot express the feelings that come along with every trip. Sometimes business travel can be exciting as you look forward to seeing a new place. Other times, it can be daunting if your travels take you to the same place over and over again. Striking a balance is never easy, and coming up with just the right words to describe what you’re feeling can be difficult.Read More

6 Airport Hacks

Brittany Reed
Just like there seems to be an app for everything these days, turns out there’s a hack for just about everything as well. No, we’re not talking about something illegal; this is the good kind of hack is that can save you time and get you to the right place faster and easier than traditional pathways.Read More

7 Things Business Travelers Know

Brittany Reed
There are travelers and there are business travelers. The difference between the two? Business travelers have probably logged more miles and seen more cities than the average leisurely-Lindsey. This doesn’t mean that one is better than the other, it’s just that the more you travel, the more you learn. The wisdom that can be passed down from one seasoned travel pro can be worth more than a precious gemstone. Take a few minutes to learn what you can do to make your next trip better, for business or leisure.Read More


Best Laptop Bag For Traveling

Brittany Reed
Before we can answer that question, you’ll need to know just what to look for when shopping for a laptop bag. What do you need and what don’t you need? And what features do you not even know you need? We’ll break it down for you so you can make the right purchase for your next big trip.Read More

5 Travel Rewards Programs To Help You Rack Up Those Points

Brittany Reed
You’ve spent and saved and finally racked up enough reward points for a free flight, hotel room, or even a major gift card. You eagerly rub your hands together as you stare at your computer, dollar signs in your eyes. Just as you figure out what you’re going to spend these points on; it hits you. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Sure, you’ll have a free flight, but what happens next? You worked hard for these points and it almost feels like a pity to let them go. It’s at this point when you wonder if losing your points will contribute to losing your mind.Read More

7 Business Customs From Around The World

Brittany Reed
International travel can be nerve wracking for many people. Unless you are an international travel expert, chances are there are a few things that you learned the hard way.Read More

5 Hotels For The Business Traveler

Brittany Reed

Feel like you’re travelling a lot these days? Maybe you can’t even remember what city you were in just 3 trips ago; and maybe you remember it all-too-well thanks to the lousy hotel you had to stay in!

Read More

10 Things To Bring In Your Carry-On

Brittany Reed
We’ve all been there. You’re a couple hours into your flight, with a few hours left to go, and you realize that you need something from your carry-on. Just as you’re trying to mentally scope out the insides of your Sparrow II so you can find it faster, your heart sinks. You realize that you didn’t pack that item in your carry-on; it’s nestled somewhere inside the luggage that you checked. Bummer.Read More

5 Tips On Making Business Travel More Enjoyable

Brittany Reed
I can’t wait to go on my next business trip—it’s going to be a blast! Said no business traveler, ever.Read More

How To Stay Active While Traveling

Brittany Reed
Ask any frequent traveler how easy it is to maintain their fitness routine while on the road and you might hear a few different stories. Though some may have strict workout regimens that keep them fit while traveling, others will tell you how easily they can fall to the wayside. Honestly, unless your trip takes you to places where activity is a way of life and plenty of walking is required to get from point A to point B, you might be hard-pressed to stay active.Read More
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