How To Prepare Your Baby For Their First Flight

Brittany Reed
For parents, baby’s first flight can be a daunting and stressful experience. Being seated next to a child that young on a flight is something that many moan and groan over, leaving parents feeling like they’re put on the spot when travelling with their child. The good news is that there are preparations you can make to ensure your baby’s first flight is a good one, and that you’ve built them a foundation they can use for the rest of their lives in a love of travel. A few tips for preparing for baby’s first flight include:Read More

Escape The Cold With A Warm Weather Vacation

Brittany Reed
With winter coming quickly, some travelers simply want to escape for a couple more weeks of warmth. Luckily, the beautiful planet we call home offers plenty of warm weather destinations travelers can enjoy when escaping the cold, and fewer than you think break the bank. You don’t have to use up your whole yearly vacation budget to get away to relax in the sun, and these warm vacation destinations are proof:Read More

6 Ways To Stay Hydrated While Traveling

Brittany Reed
Proper hydration is necessary for every single process in your body to work correctly, from digestion to immune system and beyond. Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle of travel, many don’t pay close enough attention to their hydration and wind up paying the price, such as experiencing excess fatigue, or worse yet, finding themselves with an illness while abroad. Our Freehand Travel Drink Caddy helps to keep hydration easy while traveling to and from, and keeps your beverage in plain sight on your luggage so proper hydration never skips your mind. On top of your drink caddy, 6 other ways to stay hydrated while traveling are:Read More

6 Reasons You May Feel Sick While Travelling

Brittany Reed
Feeling unwell while travelling is something that no one looks forward to, regardless if you’re travelling for business or for pleasure. Unfortunately, travelling in and of itself exposes us to many different crowded places and many different germs, some our bodies may not be accustomed to coming into contact with, so it’s important to stay on top of your health to ensure you feel your best all through your trip. 6 reasons you may feel sick while travelling are:Read More

6 Places To See When Visiting Costa Rica

Brittany Reed
Costa Rica is one vacation hotspot that has been on the rise in recent years, giving a beautiful warm weather destination to those looking to find someplace to escape the cold. When planning a trip to Costa Rica, there is a ton of really incredible places to see, so how do you narrow it down to what will fit into the duration of your trip? Breaking it down to the must-see locations is a great start, and 6 places to see on your next trip to Costa Rica include:Read More

5 Cold Weather Vacation Destinations You’ll Love

Brittany Reed
While most people love a nice and warm place to relax, there are others who prefer some great scenery and a little chill in the air instead. To switch it up for your next vacation, you can escape to a cold weather destination that offers something a little different than the experience you’re used to. 5 cold weather vacation destinations you’ll love include:Read More

What You Need To Know For Easy International Travel

Brittany Reed
Travelling internationally is a really exciting experience, but it can also be a pretty intimidating one for those with not a whole lot of travel experience. When travelling outside of the United States, there are things you’ll need to consider like paperwork, currency, vaccinations, or electronics adapters, and this can all seem pretty overwhelming when you have the additional regular travel stresses tacked on. A few tips that all international travelers, or future international travelers, should keep in mind are:Read More

What TSA 2015 Statistics Mean For Your Travel

Brittany Reed
In 2015, the TSA released a report outlining various security statistics throughout the year. While these statistics may be a couple of years old, we can use the projections and numbers outlined today to determine what our experiences with airport security may be, and how we can prepare ourselves for a better experience going through security the next time we travel.Read More

The 5 Best International Airports To Spend A Long Layover

Brittany Reed
While most travelers try to avoid long layovers, some actually embrace them. A layover can give you a pretty unique look into a new place you may not have otherwise traveled to if you spend it wisely, and some airports are better for those long layovers than others. The top 5 best international airports to spend a long layover are:Read More

Statistics For Packing In The USA

Brittany Reed
A few interesting things can be gleaned by looking at a few packing statistics based in the United States. Surveys typically show that a way a person packs their bags before a trip relies heavily on 3 factors:Read More

How To Have An Easier International Trip With Kids

Brittany Reed
Travelling early with children is a great way to instill in them a love of adventure and learning. Travelling internationally with children, however, can be a daunting experience for parents, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. A few tips to make your international family vacation a little easier are:Read More

6 Ways To Make The Most Of That Long Layover

Brittany Reed
No one really wants to face a layover, but especially with international travel, there is sometimes no way to avoid it. While layovers can be stressful and inconvenient, they can also be pretty great, and we want to provide some ideas on how to make the most of them. 6 ways to make the most of that long layover are:Read More

The Top 6 Airports To Spend A Long Layover In The United States

Brittany Reed
Layovers during domestic travel aren’t as common as layovers during international travel, but they still happen. Getting a less expensive ticket sometimes means accepting a layover in a different state, but the United States has some pretty incredible airports for spending a little time while travelling. The top 6 airports to spend a long layover within the United States are:Read More

5 Tips For Packing Smart On Your Next Business Trip

Brittany Reed
Business travel can be exciting, it can be stressful, and it can be very rewarding. Packing for business travel is often one of the most difficult parts of the process, but with a bag like our Falcon Wheeled Duffle Bag in a carry-on size can make things much easier. To solve some of your packing woes, we have 5 tips for packing smart on your next business trip:Read More

5 Things To Bring With You The Next Time You Fly International

Brittany Reed
Taking an international trip, whether for business, school, or pleasure, is always an exciting event. Wanderlust is satiated when you step foot on the plane knowing you’re touching down in an entirely new part of the world, and the feeling is adventurous and fun even if you’re about to brave a particularly long flight. To keep yourself a bit more comfortable during those long international trips, so you can enjoy each leg of the adventure, 5 things to bring along with you are:Read More

5 Benefits Of Choosing Luggage With Wheels

Brittany Reed
Our wheeled duffle and garment bags, like the Sparrow II and Falcon bags, have quite a few more benefits than simply looking good and keeping your belongings safe while you travel. There are benefits to choosing luggage with wheels, and some of these benefits are pretty obvious, while others less so. 5 benefits of choosing wheeled luggage are:Read More

How To Pack When You’re Spending A Semester Studying Abroad

Brittany Reed
Studying abroad is something that offers students not only an education but a rich cultural experience they’re never like to forget. What many students preparing for a semester abroad worry about most, however, is packing for their trip, and learning how to fit their entire lives into two or three suitcases. Usually, a student will want to have one or two checked bags and one carry-on bag, and this is all they have of their current personal possessions to carry them through until they come back home again. So, how do you pack when preparing for a trip abroad? What it really takes is careful planning and having just the right luggage.Read More

6 Places To Spend A Relaxing Getaway In The United States

Brittany Reed
If you want a vacation you can truly spend relaxing and reviving, you don’t have to leave the United States. Typically, a deeply relaxing vacation is spent abroad in locations like Italy or the Caribbean, but we have some true gems within the continental 48 worthy of some travelling attention. 6 places to spend a relaxing getaway in the United States include:Read More

5 Tips For Air Travel With Your Dog

Brittany Reed
A life filled with frequent travel is exciting, but it can get a little lonely on the road or flying the friendly skies, particularly if you’re doing so often for business. More and more travelers are bringing their beloved pooches with them, 37% of travelers travel or have travelled long distances with pets as of 2016, and this means knowing what to do to make travel most comfortable for you and your pet. 5 tips for air travel with your dog are:Read More

6 Reasons To Travel With A Backpack

Brittany Reed
Packing your bags for a trip is always an experience. If you’re flying far away, you’re going to go with the “less is more” method, bringing with you only a carry-on so you can skip those extra checked bag lines and give yourself a less stressful airport experience. 6 reasons to choose a backpack as your carry-on go-to are:Read More

Avoid Germs And Stay Healthy While Traveling

Brittany Reed
Airports see thousands of passengers coming through from around the world every single day, and airplanes see the same. As you’re in flight, the recycled air going through the plane is a haven for germs, with some germs that your body probably hasn’t experienced many of unless you’re frequently going around the world. So, how do you avoid germs and stay healthy while traveling? We have a few tips:Read More

Make Traveling With Kids Just A Little Bit Easier

Brittany Reed

Frequent travelers know that providing kids an early love for travel and exploring is one of the best gifts they can be given in life. Traveling with children can be a tricky thing, however, and you want children to love the journey just as much as they love the destination. A few tips can make traveling with kids just a little bit easier, and some of these tips include:

Read More

The Best Airlines For Flying First Class

Brittany Reed
Flying first class is always an experience, but some airlines know how to give guests the experience they’re looking for better than others. From provided slippers and pajamas, to the feel of flying in a 5 star restaurant, the best airlines for splurging on first class are:Read More

Use What You Eat To Help You Sleep On The Plane

Brittany Reed
If you’re taking a long flight, you’ll probably want to catch a few Z’s on the way. What many travelers don’t know is that what they eat, or don’t eat, can actually dramatically impact their potential to sleep on a flight, and they could be hurting themselves with their choices. You can use what you eat to sleep better in the air, as long as you’re also keeping yourself hydrated with plenty of water.Read More

What Should I Wear To The Airport?

Brittany Reed
You might know what not to wear when taking a trip to the airport, but what should you wear instead? How you dress yourself for a flight can make or break your airport security experience, and there are some options that not only work well with security, but keep you comfortable while in-flight as well. What you should leave out to put on for flight day are:Read More

What Shouldn’t I Wear To The Airport?

Brittany Reed
What you wear to the airport can actually shape your experience. You want to be comfortable whether it’s hot or cold, you want to get through those security check lines easily, and you want to look presentable while doing so. A few things you should leave in the closet on the day you’re catching your flight are:Read More

6 Airlines With Great In-Flight Entertainment

Brittany Reed
Whether you’re in for a long flight, or a short domestic one, in-flight entertainment can really make a great trip. Not all airlines treat in-flight entertainment the same way, and if you’re on a flight that leaves little in the entertainment realm, you can always stock up your iPad with a few favorite shows or movies and create your own. With our Fast Pass luggage options like the Lance Executive Daypack or the Trident Messenger bag, bringing your own electronics on board and creating your own in-flight entertainment has never been easier. If you’re looking for an airline that provides great entertainment, however, the top 6 are:Read More

Preparing For A Comfortable International Flight

Brittany Reed
International flights are often long, and in your Falcon carry-on bag or backpack, there are things you can pack with you to ensure your international flight is as comfortable as possible. A comfortable flight is a good flight, and we want to help you to have the best journey possible in order to set up for the perfect arrival at your destination.Read More

5 Tips For Airsickness Relief

Brittany Reed
Airsickness can be a really tough thing to battle, making travelers miserable even on short flights. Airsickness is a form of motion sickness, and while it’s quite rare with modern commercial airlines when compared to the airplanes of decades ago, it still occurs within a small portion of the population. Statistics show that around one half of one percent of travelers experience nausea to the point of getting sick on an airplane, while just over 8% of travelers have experienced some type of nausea while flying according to a study performed by the University of Southampton in England. So, what can you do if you begin feeling airsick? 5 tips for airsickness relief are:Read More

Arriving Early And Being Prepared

Brittany Reed
Arriving early to the airport is always a good idea, but just how early is early enough, and how should you prepare? There are few things more stressful than being late for an important flight, and that rings true whether you’re embarking on a thrilling vacation or meeting clients in a faraway city. Early arrival and ample preparation helps you to alleviate this stress, and gives you a better trip from start to finish.Read More
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