You Can Pack With Just A Carry-On For Any Trip

Brittany Reed

Whether you’re going on vacation, or you’re taking a trip for business, packing with just a carry-on is possible. No, it’s true! Regardless of your trip, going through extra security lines to check your bag is something you really can avoid, no matter the circumstances surrounding where you’re going or why. First, of course, you’ll need the right carry-on bag, like our 22” Carry-On Falcon Wheeled Duffle, with our FastPass system, allowing you to separate your electronics from the rest of your luggage and move through checkpoints even faster.

When taking a longer trip through multiple climates, or through a place that sees several different climates throughout the day, you may think you are somewhat required to overpack. You want layer after layer, thick fabric on top of thick fabric, but this isn’t always the case. If you’re going for a week or more, you’re going to be tasked with doing a couple of loads of laundry for your trip, but it worth being able to live out of a single bag. A few ways to pack with just your carry on in a multi-climate trip are:

You Can Pack With Just A Carry-On For Any TripInvest in dual purpose
Shorts that zip into pants, or garments with a ton of pockets are your friend when traveling through on these trips. What you get are two beneficial items in one, which is just what you’re looking for when maximizing space.

Consider your layers wisely
When packing for a multi-climate trip, your layers are going to mean the difference between too hot and too cold. The same T-shirt you used to walk around the streets of Madrid can be used as a base layer when you make up to the French Alps, and you don’t need to wash your upper layers every day. Wearing a couple of lighter shirts, then a heavier fleece or jacket on top is perfectly sufficient.

Mail things home if you can
As your trip comes to a close and you’re finished with all the cooler climate places, or very hot climate places, don’t be afraid to mail things home so your carry-on bag has room for souvenirs and other items. Because of this, it may be beneficial to plan your trip to have one climate on the front leg, and another climate on the back leg.

Using the carry-on only method isn’t only for pleasure trips, and business trips can benefit as well. When packing with only a carry-on for business, you want to shift your focus on what pieces you have that are most professional and versatile, and to transform those pieces for multiple days. Typically, this involves packing 1 neutral suit, and switching up that suit with a couple of different shirts and ties.

Packing for any sort of trip using only your carry-on luggage is possible, and all it takes is the right bag and the right planning. When you use the carry-on only method, fear of lost luggage is a thing of the past, and your experience at TSA security checkpoints is much smoother throughout your trip.

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