What You Should And Shouldn’t Eat When Taking Your Next Flight

Brittany Reed

Modern airlines like Hawaiian Airlines or Delta have been really ramping up their food options in recent years, and with master chefs moving their restaurants and fares into airports, it can be tough not to get just a little excited to eat when taking your next flight. That being said, there are things you should eat, and maybe should avoid before hopping on a plane for business or pleasure. A few things you should avoid before or during your next flight are:

Beans, broccoli, and cabbage
Anything that causes excess gas to build up in your stomach should maybe be avoided before or during your next flight. Not only will it make you uncomfortable as the flight goes on, the change in pressure could cause stomach pains to become more uncomfortable than usual.

What You Should And Shouldn’t Eat When Taking Your Next FlightGarlic
Garlic is as delicious as it is potent, but before boarding your next flight, it might do you good to order a little less garlic in any dish you enjoy. Garlic not only effects the breath, but the scent can even come out of your pores, making for a potentially uncomfortable experience for you and those sitting around you.

French fries
The scent of fresh French fries is intoxicating, but it can cause you some real discomfort on your next flight. The fats and oils in fried foods can cause heartburn to be more likely while on the flight, and the amount of salt in French fries can cause the swelling of your feet and ankles to be more intense.

While relaxing with a nice cocktail or two might seem like a relaxing way to unwind before a flight, it can lead to further dehydration while in the air, worsen airsickness, or cause heartburn.

Now that we’ve established what you may wish to avoid while flying, it’s time to look at the top flight friendly foods. Foods you can enjoy without worry on flights include:

Herbal teas
Teas like peppermint and chamomile are invaluable while flying. For airsickness or an upset stomach, peppermint tea settles the gastrointestinal system and puts your belly at ease. For flight related anxiety, chamomile provides natural and holistic anxiety relief with a soothing effect that helps you to sleep on your flight better.

Lean and clean
Fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins will give you the fuel you want before your flight, but without all the risk of uncomfortable heartburn, indigestion, or that feeling of being “bogged down” by your meal.

High water content fruit
When choosing fruits, it always pays to opt for those with high water contents like melons, grapes, or strawberries. Whether long or short, air travel can be very dehydrating with the lower humidity while in the air, and eating these fruits will help you to stay hydrated while keeping your stomach full and comfortable.

Of course, each passenger and traveler know what works best for them and their body while eating and drinking on a flight, and these do’s and don’ts are simply a guideline that can be followed, rather than rules that must be abided by.

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