What You Need To Know For Easy International Travel

Brittany Reed

Travelling internationally is a really exciting experience, but it can also be a pretty intimidating one for those with not a whole lot of travel experience. When travelling outside of the United States, there are things you’ll need to consider like paperwork, currency, vaccinations, or electronics adapters, and this can all seem pretty overwhelming when you have the additional regular travel stresses tacked on. A few tips that all international travelers, or future international travelers, should keep in mind are:

Make copies of your passport and identification
Losing your passport is a nightmare that any international traveler wants to avoid, but you’re in much better standing if you make copies of all your important documents first. Copies of your passport and ID can help you to prove your citizenship and identity while trying to get your hard copies back, and it takes only a few moments to get this kind of extra security the day before you embark.

Register your trip with the embassy
If you’re travelling abroad, and a natural disaster or some type of incident occurs, registering your trip with the US embassy in your country of destination can ensure your best chance of getting out simply and safely.

Check with your insurance provider and physician
If you require any prescriptions, check with your doctor first and make sure you have everything you need while you’re travelling overseas. You should also place a call to your insurance provider to make sure you’re covered in case of any health emergency during your trip, and if you’re not, you should look into supplementary plans that will have you covered.

Check conversion ratesWhat You Need To Know For Easy International Travel
Checking conversion rates for currency before you go is always a good idea, and doing this early enough to save extra if you need to is an even better plan.

Go to a bank instead of a conversion center
In international airports, conversion centers right in the airport make converting currency simple for travelers, but you’re not always getting the best deal. While this is a good path to take if there is a language barrier, you’ll make out much better without high fees if you find a local bank outside of and separate from the airport area.

Call your local bank
Before your trip, calling your local bank and letting them know about your trip will ensure your credit or check cards aren’t frozen or blocked due to suspected fraud. You don’t want to have to try to get your banking institution on the line and work out the problem from thousands of miles from home.

Remember your adapters
Different countries use different adapters for electronics, and if you go to Japan, for instance, with nothing but your regular laptop charging cord, you’re going to find yourself losing batter fast and unable to charge. Before traveling, look up what adapters may be needed for your destination country, and toss a few into your carry-on.

Put extra clothes in your carry-on
If you’re planning to check a bag at the airport, make sure you have a carry-on bag equipped with an extra set of clothes. Sometimes the worst can happen, and you could find your luggage lost in a faraway place; your spare set of clothes gives you at least 1 extra day of preparation until your luggage is found or you receive an update from the airline.

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