What TSA 2015 Statistics Mean For Your Travel

Brittany Reed

In 2015, the TSA released a report outlining various security statistics throughout the year. While these statistics may be a couple of years old, we can use the projections and numbers outlined today to determine what our experiences with airport security may be, and how we can prepare ourselves for a better experience going through security the next time we travel.

Number Of Travelers
Across the United States, the TSA screened more than 708 million passengers travelling either internationally or domestically throughout the country. Nearly a billion, this number goes to show just how many folks go through security checkpoints at airports during the course of a single year. Projected to continue to rise as a global business and air travel becomes even more of the “new normal”, the number was a 6.1% increase from 2014, and if we continue this 6 percent per year pattern, we could be looking at just around 800 million for 2017. With so many people filing through checkpoints during the course of any given year, it becomes clearer just why these security checkpoint lines grow so long. As a matter of fact, around 8 million people, as stated in the report, waited for more than 20 minutes in line trying to go through security.

What TSA 2015 Statistics Mean For Your TravelTime Spent Waiting
While 8 million people waited for more than 20 minutes, this is actually a very small percentage when considering the more than 708 million waiting in lines overall. 98% of passengers reported waiting less than 20 minutes, and one could at least partially thank the popularity of carry-on packing for the shorter wait. 432 million bags were checked in 2015, but a whopping 1.6 billion were carried on, saving those who chose to only carry along their carry-on bag from having to wait through extra checkpoint lines in order to check their luggage. Our Falcon Wheeled Duffle bag is the perfect choice for those opting for carry-on only traveling, allowing you to be more likely to be one of the 98% waiting through less time standing in line for your security check.

Keeping The Wait Time Low And Your Travel Safe
Naturally, you will want to spend the least amount of time possible going through TSA checkpoints the next time you’re traveling by air. By packing smart and taking with you only a carry-on bag, you’ll be able to save yourself a good bit of time, and making sure your carry-on only contains items approved by TSA will save even more. When it comes to your electronics, our FastPass backpacks and bags help you to take all your favorite entertainment or business electronics with you and zip them off from your bag in seconds to send them through security separately. You won’t need to dig through and unload piece by piece or untangle a mess of chords, and everything stays neatly in its place. As air travel grows even more commonplace in the coming years, each person saving this few moments going through security can lead to even shorter average wait times for the majority of passengers.

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