What To Pack For An Adventure Holiday

Brittany Reed

An adventure holiday, as the name suggests, is not like a typical experience of checking into hotel, lazing by the beach, or shopping in some foreign city’s best shops.  Adventure holidays, and the people who undertake them, are a bit different. They often push people out of their comfort zones and into experiences unlike anything they’d ever encounter in their normal, everyday life. From cliff diving, to scuba excursions on the great barrier reef, to trekking across the desert on a camel, an adventure holiday is about an extraordinary experience.

This means that things might get a little rough, which is why people thinking about going on an adventure holiday should take some extra precautions and pack a few things above and beyond enough clean underwear!

Water Purifying Tablets
Depending on the type of adventure holiday you’re going on, you may have little or no access to plumbing. This means your only way to have safe drinking water is to either pack it with you, or remember to bring along these useful tablets.

Water purifying tablets kill the micro-organisms in fluids that may cause illnesses in people, such as dysentery, typhoid and cholera. It may seem like going overboard to bring water purifying tablets on a trip, but if anything happens to your bottled water supply, this may the only way you’ll be sure of having the necessary safe drinking water to survive.

GPS Location System
Whether it’s your phone, or a dedicated device, a GPS locator can mean the difference between getting lost for a few minutes, and being found in a search days later. Thanks to modern technology, no one ever needs to be lost again as long as they have access to a GPS enabled system.

Bringing a GPS locator means that no matter what happens, even if you get separated from the main party, you always know where you are. A compass is still handy to have, but if you’ve got a GPS device of any sort, you’re in much better shape when it comes to navigation.

A Flashlight & Spare Batteries
This is another one of those things many people take for granted, but on an adventure holiday, all bets are off. If you’re with a tour, there may be some planning in advance with lanterns to generate light, otherwise, all your nighttime activity will be guided by fires and whatever personal light sources you bring.

We live in an age where most people use their phones as makeshift flashlights, but unless you plan on bringing the world’s longest electrical cord to recharge your phone, this won’t be an option a few days into the trip. And if you need to wander into the woods to relieve yourself, you definitely don’t want to do this in the dark.

What To Pack For An Adventure Holiday

A Good Backpack
Most of the time with an adventure holiday, you’re probably not going to be staying in five star hotels. This means you’ll often have to carry your essentials with you. That suitcase isn’t going to cut it for a trek across the Gobi desert, but a good backpack can be a faithful companion during these adventurous times.

Above all else, comfort and suitable capacity should be the things you look for in a backpack.

First Aid Kit
Even if the adventure holiday you’re on has staff accompanying you with their own first aid, you should think about bringing your own. In the event that you get lost, separated and hurt, this could save your life. First aid kits are one of those things you hope you never need, but when you do need help, you’re glad it’s there.

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