What To Look For In Wheeled Luggage

Brittany Reed

Everyone knows that things just move easier when they’re on wheels. Cars, bikes, skates; moving swiftly in the right direction has never been easier. Forget pushing, pulling, and tugging, just load all your goods onto a wagon or trolley and enjoy the freedom as your goods go across the floor with ease.

There are limited places where man has experienced the luxury of added wheels quite like the way it has been experienced since the invention of wheeled luggage. No longer do you sling baggage over your shoulders, or carry it by the flimsy handle that cuts off the circulation in your hand every 5 minutes until you switch to the other hand. Wheels help your luggage move without stress. In fact, wheeled luggage is one of the most important inventions of convenience ever created; just ask the frequent business traveler.

Quality Keeps It Rolling
It’s important to consider several factors when it comes to choosing a piece of luggage with wheels, the number one factor being the material that the wheels are made of.  Some are made from polyurethane, some rubber, and others made from cheaper plastics. Look for wheels that are constructed well and can handle your heaviest load with rolling ease. A rubberized, replaceable wheel system will keep you moving no matter what comes your way.

Also important is the trolley system. For example, the ecbc Sparrow II Wheeled Garment Bag has a trolley system that is made of aircraft grade aluminum with a heavy duty handle and bars. This ensures that your gear will be protected as it rolls through the busiest airports.

The Right Space, The Right Size
What To Look For In Wheeled LuggageFor luggage that can go with you on the plane, you’ll need to make sure it meets the carry-on specifications. Your wheeled luggage should fit the dimensions of 22-inches long, 14-inches wide, and 9-inches tall (or 45-inches combined dimension). This is the standard that most airlines follow, though some (like American Airlines) will allow up to a 51-inch size. Better to be safe than sorry.

Of course, take care to choose a piece that provides plenty of space to store not only your clothing but your accessories like shoes and belts, as well as your electronic devices.  There should be multiple compartments for organization and anything with separate garment and duffle sections is a plus.

Ultimate Protection
The important thing about any piece of luggage is that it protects your belongings. You want to make sure that your luggage is water resistant because you never know what the weather will be at any given time. There is no guarantee that you or your bag won’t be standing out in any kind of foul weather, waiting for your taxi. It’s also wise to choose a bag that has high-density protective foam that keeps your laptop and tablet in pristine condition. Look for one that can accommodate the size of your laptop; some models will only provide for a 15-inch, which will do nothing for your 16-inch or larger.

It really isn’t that difficult to pick the right piece of wheeled luggage. Just look for quality construction, high-grade materials, and plenty of space to accommodate your life.

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