What To Look For In A Wheeled Garment Bag

Brittany Reed

Looking back on traditional travel pieces, the one constant in business travel gear was the garment bag. With its lay-flat design essentially made to protect your business attire and keep it wrinkle-free, many a business traveler could be seen lugging one over their shoulder through airports around the world.

Flash forward to more modern business travelers who decided that the over-the-shoulder bag just had to go. It was not easy to carry despite its best efforts to stow-and-go. Enter the wheeled garment bag.

Choosing To Wheel It
The main reason that people purchase a wheeled garment bag is the ease of use. It does the same job by keeping everything neat and tidy and all in one place, but wheeling it through the crowds of airport traffic is better than holding it over your shoulder. Plus, most garment bags can be used as a carry-on, meaning that your best suits and dresses are with you always. No need to worry about what you’ll wear to that make-or-break meeting in case your luggage gets “misplaced.”

Everything You Need; And More
Not all wheeled garment bags are created equal. In fact, there are several things that you should look for if you want to have the ultimate travel experience; for your belongings, at least. For business travel perfection, your wheeled garment bag should be:

  • Practically Indestructible. Your wheeled garment bag should be able to take a licking and keep on rolling. Look for materials that are of the highest caliber, such as Ballistic nylon, so you’ll never have to worry about an accidental puncture. And zippers should be self-repairing so that you never have to worry about spills and exposure. 
    What To Look For In A Wheeled Garment Bag
  • Water Tight. You’ll want a bag that is water resistant because you never know what the weather will be at any given time and you can’t guarantee that you or your bag won’t be standing out in it. Water resistance will keep your best suit dry so it’s ready to present when you are. 

  • The Right Size. Your wheeled garment bag should fit the dimensions of 22-inches long, 14-inches wide, and 9-inches tall (or 45-inches combined dimension). This is the standard that most airlines follow, though some (like American Airlines) will allow up to a 51-inch size. Better to be safe than sorry.

  • Easy To Move. This is of vast importance. As anyone who has ever lost a wheel, or even gotten the bad shopping cart at the grocery store, nothing is as annoying as a wheel gone wrong. An aircraft grade aluminum trolley system with a replaceable rubberized wheel system will keep you rolling smooth.

  • Full Of Space. Despite its dimensions, your garment bag should provide plenty of space to store not only your clothing, but your accessories like shoes and belts, as well as your electronic devices. There should be multiple compartments for organization and anything with separate garment and duffle sections is a plus.

  • Protective Of Your Devices. Your devices rival your business dress when it comes to protection. Choose a bag that has high density protective foam that keeps your laptop and tablet in pristine condition. And remember to choose a bag that can accommodate the size of your laptop; some models will only provide for a 15-inch, which will do nothing for your 16-inch. 

  • Loaded With Extras. There’s always room for extras, like a water bottle holder, or a portable power pack so you can charge devices without searching for a port. But a bag that allows you to unzip the electronics compartment to get you through security checks faster? That’s a must-have.

Follow these guides and you’ll pick the right bag for your needs. Your business travel is about to roll a whole lot easier.

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