What Shouldn’t I Wear To The Airport?

Brittany Reed

What you wear to the airport can actually shape your experience. You want to be comfortable whether it’s hot or cold, you want to get through those security check lines easily, and you want to look presentable while doing so. A few things you should leave in the closet on the day you’re catching your flight are:

Leave the belt
Your belt will only hold you up in line, and maybe even cut into your skin on long flights making you uncomfortable. Wearing pants that require a belt for your flight will mean not only making lines for you a bit longer, but everyone behind you as well, so it’s probably better just to leave it at home and wear pants that hold themselves up.

You want to wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off, right? Well, don’t go too easy and wear flip flops. Thousands of people stand in those security lines every day, all throughout the day, and the floor is a menagerie of germs. By wearing sandals, you’re picking up those germs from all the passengers before you on the soles of your feet, exposing yourself to all types of bacteria. Slip on shoes with socks are best, and you can rest assured that you’re not carrying any germs with you on the plane.

Jewelry and other accessories are only going to make lines longer, so it’s best to leave them at home. If you wish to take jewelry on your trip, place it in a separate small compartment on your carry-on luggage, so it can be checked by TSA quickly. If you have high value jewelry, requesting a private screening might be best so you don’t potentially expose yourself to those who would wish to steal it.

Pull-over layers
Wearing layers to the airport is a great idea, but keep it with easy buttons or, better yet, a zipper. Removing hoodies and difficult buttons while going through security will stop up the line, while a zipper option or something you can simply pull off will be nice and quick. If you must have a pull-over with you, keep it in your carry-on and take it out if you get chilly on the plane.

What Shouldn’t I Wear To The Airport?Underwire
For ladies, an underwire bra can actually trigger the metal detector alarms, and this means you’ll need a full-body pat down to make sure it’s only your underwire tripping it up. With the new bralette trend, it’s easy to opt for something metal-free instead, and you’ll help yourself to have a much easier time going through security.

Maxi dresses or skirts
Wearing maxi dresses or skirts can make for an awkward and uncomfortable pat-down situation. TSA agents will need to make sure you’re no using the extra fabric to hide any contraband, which means almost a guaranteed pat-down. The time this takes will hold up the security line for you and everyone behind you.

Avoiding what not to wear at the airport can give you and all those behind you in line a much better security checkpoint experience. Not only will you remain more comfortable on the plane, you’ll also be safer for it!

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