What Should I Wear To The Airport?

Brittany Reed

You might know what not to wear when taking a trip to the airport, but what should you wear instead? How you dress yourself for a flight can make or break your airport security experience, and there are some options that not only work well with security, but keep you comfortable while in-flight as well. What you should leave out to put on for flight day are:

Use breathable fabrics
Some flights are cool, and others are warm, so be prepared with comfortable breathable fabrics that allow moisture to be wicked away from your body. Soft cotton is perfect, and you can layer it comfortably in case the flight gets cool.

Support wear
Support wear and compression garments aren’t just for pregnant women or those with pre-existing conditions. Any traveler taking a long flight should look into compression socks or legwear to keep blood circulating while sitting in flight, lessening their risks for blood clots or deep vein thrombosis. Many experience uncomfortable swelling in the legs while in the air for long periods of time, and compression socks and support wear can help to keep swelling down and your legs comfortable.

Easy slip-on shoes with socks
Flight day is often a stressful day, and you’ll be on your feet quite a bit. Taking off shoes while going through security, putting them back on to get on the plane, and then taking them off again when you’re ready for that mid-flight nap. A simple slip on shoe that provides foot support, but can be removed easily, is best and always remember to wear socks. No one appreciates bare feet on the airplane, and taking your shoes off for security means picking up a lot of germs if you don’t have the sock to act as a barrier.

What Should I Wear To The Airport?Clothes that promote blood flow
Tight fitting clothing like restrictive jeans or tops are best left at home, and instead wear clothing that promotes healthy blood flow instead. When you wear clothing that leaves marks on your skin, it’s actually a sign of blood flow being restricted, which is just what you don’t want to do in order to avoid deep vein thrombosis while in the air. Clothing that allows for easy and healthy circulation is best.

Something stylish
You can be breathable, comfortable, and stylish all at once, and dressing with a little style for your flight is actually a great idea. When you get to your destination, looking good will help you to feel refreshed and ready to work or explore, so you can get off the plane and get right to it. Dressing stylishly also helps you to save a bit of time, since you won’t need to rush anywhere to change before really enjoying your trip.

When getting ready for your flight, look for something that promotes healthy blood flow, is stylish, and will be simple for you to get through security. By following these guidelines, you can prepare yourself for a great flight while you look the part!

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