Use What You Eat To Help You Sleep On The Plane

Brittany Reed

If you’re taking a long flight, you’ll probably want to catch a few Z’s on the way. What many travelers don’t know is that what they eat, or don’t eat, can actually dramatically impact their potential to sleep on a flight, and they could be hurting themselves with their choices. You can use what you eat to sleep better in the air, as long as you’re also keeping yourself hydrated with plenty of water.

Almond butter is a great snack to indulge with if you want to sleep on your flight. It helps to regulate the body’s blood sugar, which keeps you relaxed and comfortable as you’re readying yourself for sleep. Almond butter can be somewhat difficult to bring on to the plane in your carry on, however, but you don’t have to indulge on the plane or at the airport in order to reap the benefits. For breakfast before your flight, have some wheat toast topped with a smear or two of almond butter and you’ll be able to regulate your blood pressure all throughout the day.

Bananas are also an excellent flight snack that helps to promote sleep in several different ways, while also alleviating flying anxiety. Filled with B vitamins, bananas have been shown to fight anxiety and depression, which certainly helps to soothe you if you’re nervous on planes. In addition to vitamin B, bananas are also rich in serotonin, which triggers sleepiness naturally, and magnesium which promotes relaxation. A banana is really simple to stash into your backpack or carry-on bag, so you can enjoy one for breakfast or pre-flight, then another if you feel yourself getting a little hungry before your flight nap.

Use What You Eat To Help You Sleep On The PlaneSweetened with blood sugar regulating honey, chamomile tea is also a great sleep inducer plus anxiety alleviator. Most airlines will offer chamomile tea while on the flight, and coffee shops or fast food restaurants in the airport will frequently provide honey packets you can stash in your carry-on for use in your tea. The warm tea soothes with relaxing chamomile, and another plus is that it’s also nice and easy on your stomach. For those prone to airsickness and flying anxiety who wish to sleep through their flight, there is no better way than with chamomile tea and a touch of honey to sweeten.

Cherries are filled with melatonin, which regulates our sleep/wake schedule within the body. The airline may not provide a cherry centric dish for you to enjoy, but a handful of cherries in a plastic zipped bag in your carry-on luggage is a great snack for any traveler. If you don’t wish to pack cherries along for your flight, having cherry juice or cherries before your flight can give your body the melatonin it needs to ready you for healthy sleep.

Lastly, a handful of nuts like almonds or walnuts is another great way to promote sleep while travelling. Like bananas, nuts are filled with relaxing B vitamins, while also having the naturally occurring melatonin of cherries. A small bag of nuts is often provided as a snack on many flights, which is very convenient if you find you’re having trouble sleeping while you’re already in the air.

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