Top 10 Luxury Hotels That We Are Lusting Over

Brittany Reed

If you’re going to travel, do it in style! That’s one of the reasons we created our ecbc range of luggage, but once you’ve got the means to travel in a stylish way, you should have a destination that suits it! There are plenty of places to go in this world, but when it comes time to sit down and have a fine meal, go to sleep for the day, or take in some decadent room service, only the very best hotels in the world will do. Which ones would you like to stay in? Here’s our list of the top 10 luxury hotels you’ll never forget if you ever get the chance to stay in them.

The Plaza, New York City
If you want the ultimate statement of American class, this is it. It’s a hotel that includes its own butlers, full kitchens for your personal chef (why would you leave your poor chef at home?), and ballroom, gymnasium and library facilities.

Hotel Fasano, Rio de Janeiro
Built along perhaps one of the most famous beaches on the planet, the Hotel Fasano is the ultimate Rio hotel destination for anyone that wants to enjoy stunning Philippe Starck architecture. It’s also got one of the best restaurants in the city.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai
It’s the sail shaped hotel you see in all the photos. It’s also got marble floors, your own office with an iMac, winding staircases, and two butlers serving guests on every floor. It may be new, but it’s aggressively throwing money into every decadent option you can imagine.
Luxury Hotels We Are Lusting After
Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo
See the futuristic city of Tokyo from the top of one of its tallest towers, suffer the dilemma of world class tapas or world class sushi. Take in the view of Mt. Fuji while sitting in the spa, or swimming in the pool, this hotel does it all.

The Westin Excelsior, Rome
A hotel in Rome is always a treat, but the Villa Cupola suite of the Westin has its own cathedral dome, two full floors, sauna, dining room and so much more. It’s luxury overkill.

Amansara, Siem Rep
Cambodia isn’t normally thought of as a hot tourist destination, but a royal villa converted over to a hotel and easy access to Angkor Wat, one of the great architectural wonders of the world? That’ll do it.

Alila Villas, Uluwatu
Bali has a global reputation for being paradise on Earth, and this hotel is a high point of that experience. Luxury, modernist architecture meets blue water of the Indian Ocean and white sands of Bali. Unforgettable.

Inala Beach House, Natai Beach
It’s really hard to pick only ONE hotel in Thailand, but if you have to, this might be it. Located by the Andaman sea? Check. Beds suspended from the ceiling? Check. Swarovski crystal encrusted pool tables? Check check.

Lacuala Island, Fiji
Two multi-millionaires bought an island, dropped a golf course on it, and then built only 25 villas for select clientele. If you’re into horses, golf, or trying 14 boats and one submarine, this is the hotel for you.

Claridges, London
You’ll need to wade through both the paparazzi and star-struck fans, since everyone who’s anyone stays here. Claridges is classic British elegance that spoils you from the moment you enter the elevator, complete with sofa.

Four Seasons Hotel, Moscow
It was once known as the Hotel Moskova and the destination for VIPs visiting the Soviet government. Now, the necessary evil of first class accommodations in a communist government has turned into decadent, capitalist, imperialist luxury experience that has Lenin and Karl Marx spinning in their graves.
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