Top 10 Adventure Friendly Destinations In The World

Brittany Reed

If you’re looking for something beyond a typical hotel, shopping and dining experience in a foreign country, then you’re probably looking for an adventure destination. People that want an extraordinary experience are the best clients for this kind of unorthodox travel and activity. If you don’t mind straying away from the confines of comfort and want to have a journey you’ll never forget, consider these 10 adventure friendly destinations for your next trip!

For anyone that’s ever watched a nature documentary, this is a no-brainer destination. Kenya has some of the most diverse wildlife in the world, and offers adventure travelers many different opportunities. Safaris, treks, hikes, ballooning, and other unique experiences are all available here.

The Himalayas
Not for the faint of heart. A trek through Ladakh and Stok Kangri in the Himalayas will let travelers experience some of the most majestic and awesome sights of our planet in terms of landscape. The cultures here are unique and unforgettable, but it takes some stamina to see this journey through to the end.

Finland By Husky
If you love dogs and have ever read stories of the Inuit and their travel across the Arctic by dog sled, a special Finnish tour with huskies may be exactly what you’re looking for! Take in the vast open spaces of this Arctic country, and do it with man’s best friend pulling you along.

American Road Trip
Whether you start in Los Angeles and end up in New York, or try driving from Bangor all the way down to Seattle, a coast-to-coast road trip through America is one adventure that will constantly promise the unexpected. For best results, don’t plan meticulously; pick a route, but don’t look up on the Internet every single thing you’ll run across on the way.

Top 10 Adventure Friendly Destinations In The World

Mont Blanc
Nestled in the Alps, Mont Blanc is the third highest peak in Europe, and a popular destination for people that are looking to test their mettle against a mountain that’s not going to push them to the absolute limits of human endurance the way Mt. Everest would. It’s still a tough climb, but if you want a more reasonable challenge, this is it.

Bend, Oregon
If you love biking, you may want to consider Bend, in the state of Oregon as your ideal adventure destination. With nearly 300 miles of single-track for mountain bikers, and fat bike terrain, this is one location where you can really see the sights and get a good workout on your bike.

Sri Lanka
This country has emerged from strife and disorder to become one of the rising stars for adventure seekers. Hiking, SCUBA, sport fishing and a lot of other activities are available as this country puts its chaotic past behind it and marches into a more stable 21st century.

For people looking for a country far and away beyond anything else ever seen, Antarctica is it. This is the only continent on our planet with no permanent human population. This means that nature is at its most powerful, and you can have experiences like seeing whales, penguins and ice bergs that you won’t get anywhere else.  

New Zealand
There’s a reason this country was chosen as the landscape for the Lord of the Rings movies. Mountains, plains and other environments are majestic and pristine. If you want a trekking, climbing or biking journey unlike anything else, this is the country to go to.

Banff, Canada
For some of the best skiing in the world, as well as hikes through beautiful forests and mountains, Banff is a natural destination, but being in the heart of Canada means you enjoy a friendly, accessible trip with other destinations available.

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