The Top 8 Airlines For Foodies Around The World

Brittany Reed

When you think of airlines, the first thing you think of probably isn’t world class cuisine, but it’s not completely out of the question either! For foodies, some airlines stick out more than others, and we want to outline the top 8 airlines for travelers who want to enjoy a great meal at 39,000 feet. The top 8 airlines for the world’s foodies include:

1.    Delta Airlines
For food lovers, snack lovers, and coffee lovers, it doesn’t get much better than Delta airlines. One tasty treat that makes Delta really stand out is hot Starbucks coffee served to the coach cabin, and even the economy comfort cabin gets free meals on domestic flights with choices like fresh turkey and Havarti wraps among other options. To dip into your hot cup of top class Joe, Biscoff cookies are served for the full Starbucks experience. On Delta One premium flights, passengers can even enjoy meals crafted by top class chefs like Danny Meyer and Michelle Bernstein.

2.    United Airlines
For smaller tasty snacks, United Airlines really knows how to take care of its passengers with hot fresh croissants with jam and yogurt as treat on transatlantic flights. Domestic flights also receive complimentary snacks with the same freshness and complete presentation. Premier customers on longer flights may even be offered five or six course meal options showcasing the fares of their destinations like Japan, India, or China.

3.    Hawaiian Airlines
The Top 8 Airlines For Foodies Around The WorldFilled with incredible local flavors, Hawaiian Airlines gives passengers a presentation of the luxuries and delicacies they can expect to experience once they land in their destination. Some of the incredible meals served on Hawaiian Airlines include wine-braised short ribs, teriyaki turkey meatballs, or banh mi breakfast sandwiches. First class passengers can taste test Hawaiian specialties crafted by celebrity chefs to be washed down by wines chosen by a master sommeliers. The very best part of a Hawaiian Airlines flight is that all meals are complimentary for all classes of passenger.

4.     Alaska Airlines
Much like Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines prides itself on serving passengers a true fresh taste of Alaska. Alaska Airlines is partnered with restauranteur Tom Douglas, serving passengers expertly crafted Pacific Northwest dishes like Beecher’s Flagship cheeses and Red Miso Ginger Chicken with fresh fried rice. For later flights, complimentary adult beverages from Pacific Northwest breweries, wineries, and spirit makers are offered to passengers in all classes.

5.    Air New Zealand
While you’re on your way to the exotic destination, you certainly won’t go hungry. The executive chef of Air New Zealand is none other than Peter Gordan, who also holds restaurants in both London and Auckland, formulates delicious and thoughtful meals for each class of passenger. An economy class meal example? Red wine braised beef with fresh blue cheese polenta and green beans.

6.    Jet Blue
For passengers who want to eat fresh and clean, but not skimp on flavor, Jet Blue has some of the best offerings. One such offering is a fresh kale salad with cannellini beans, dried blueberries, dried cranberries, quinoa, and grape tomatoes topping kale with spring greens and drizzled with a balsamic vinaigrette.

7.    Virgin America
Virgin America offers top class food and entertainment on its flights. For first class passengers, a partnership with Dean & Deluca provides first class passengers with unparalleled delicious fresh snacks and meals.

8.    Austrian Airlines
Austrian Airlines offers the unique option to upgrade your meal while keeping your seat. For an extra $15, passengers can choose from a variety of gourmet dishes straight from the first-class menu.

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