The Top 6 Beach Vacation Destinations For 2018

Brittany Reed

With 2017 quickly winding down to a close, it’s time to start thinking about what adventures 2018 will bring. Booking your trips early will frequently give you the best rates and dibs on accommodations, so now is the perfect time to consider your travel for next year. Beach vacations never go out of style, and if you’re considering taking a trip to the beach during 2018, the top 6 hottest beach vacation destinations for the year are slated to be:

1.    Florida
If you’re planning to stay domestic, there is never a bad year to take a trip to the Florida coast. The only state in the United States with more coastline than Florida is Alaska, and you’re given over 1,000 miles of scenic beachy coastline to choose from. What Florida also offers is tourist destinations and sights to see for anyone of any taste, and you can spend one day in Orlando experiencing the theme parks with the kids, then travel to the Salvador Dali museum the following day to see world class art.

2.    Croatia
Croatia’s pebbled beaches and crystal clear water have made this a genuine hotspot for beachgoers in recent years. Croatia offers a myriad of different beach towns and local cities to explore, all of which are rich historically and offer varied experiences. While not the same white sands that many think of when they consider a beach vacation, this is one that provides a different sort of experience even to those who travel to beaches year after year.

3.    Italy
Italy has always been a hotspot for global beachgoers, but the difference for 2018 is that the outlying islands are getting a bit more attention than the mainland. Offering a different type of experience, Islands like Sicily and Sardinia are taking the cake. Sardinia in particular offers everything from white sandy beaches for lounging to a rustic interior of forest ripe for hiking and exploring.

The Top 6 Beach Vacation Destinations For 20184.    The Maldives
Often seen on computer screensavers and stock photos, The Maldives is frequently accused of looking photoshopped. Fortunately for travelers, it’s not, and those beach bungalows sprawling out into crystal clear aquamarine waters are the real deal. If you think you’ve experienced a true beach paradise before, you may change your mind once you reach this vacation destination. Each top Maldives resort is located on its own private island for a truly inclusive experience.

5.    The Caribbean
The Caribbean is a classic in beach vacations that isn’t going anywhere fast. The sheer number of islands you have to choose from, each with their own bevy of flawless white sand beaches, makes coming back again and again possible while always providing a new and exciting experience.

6.    Greece
Greece’s Halkidiki peninsula touches into the Aegean Sea, and is home to some of the very best and most picturesque beaches in Greece. Recently home to the Sani Resort and Asterias Suites, this once secret hideaway is becoming one of the top beach destinations for next year.

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