The Top 5 Beaches To Book A Trip To In 2017

Brittany Reed

There is no wrong time to book a great beach vacation, and with all of the new top travel destinations popping up year after year, how do you know which to choose? We’ve outlined the top 5 beaches to book a trip to in 2017, so all you’ve got to do is determine which tops your own personal list! The top 5 beaches to check out this year are:

1.    Angra dos Reis, Brazil
After hosting the 2016 summer Olympics, a ton of travel interest has been buzzing around Brazil, and away from the former top tourist spots of Rio and Sao Paulo. Angra dos Reis lies between those two top tourist destinations, and boasts glamorous rentals and beach villas owned by Brazil’s elite. In 2017, however, Fasano is opening a spectacular resort in Angra dos Reis which includes a marina, golf course, spa, great eats, and a 54 suite hotel to tie it all together, making it the perfect spot for beach goers looking to experience something beautiful and new.

2.    Bermuda
The American financial crisis of 2008 hit Bermuda hard, but in the years following, the island destination has pulled itself from the stagnation and given itself a whole new feel perfect for today’s generation of travelers. The island’s prized 132 year old Hamilton Princess & Beach Club has been given a $100 million overhaul to include all newly designed rooms and a fresh contemporary feel, as well as a restaurant showcasing all local fares and spearheaded by none other than celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson.

3.    Cape ToThe Top 5 Beaches To Book A Trip To In 2017wn, South Africa
Cape Town is a beach destination that is so much more than just a beach destination. 2017 is seeing the opening of the new Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art right on the waterfront, which will also be home to the new Silo luxury hotel. Also home to some of the world’s best restaurants and breweries, Cape Town keeps beach lovers, foodies, art connoisseurs, and those in search of a great brew all equally satisfied.

4.    Siesta Beach in Sarasota, Florida
If you’re planning to stay domestic, but still want to enjoy some of the world’s greatest beaches, look no further than Siesta Beach in Sarasota, Florida. Perfect for travelers who want to explore and enjoy the simple natural wonders of a great beach, this one boasts some of the whitest and softest sands in the United States as well as crystal clear warm waters perfect for days filled with swimming or playing in the surf. A free trolley runs through the city all day, but doesn’t take away from Siesta Beach’s beautiful natural environment and backdrops.

5.    Coast Guard Beach in Eastham, Massachusetts
For beachgoers who want something a little cooler than Florida, Bermuda, Cape Town, or Florida, Coast Guard Beach in Eastham, Massachusetts is perfect. Bluffs created by ancient glaciers provide a gorgeous backdrop, and cool 70-degree water create a great environment for quick dips and a refreshing sea breeze.

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