The Garment Bag You Won’t Mind Checking

Brittany Reed

While it’s great to live from your carry-on and skip those long checked bag lines, it’s not always feasible. For longer trips, you’ll need a bigger bag, and we have just the thing with our Sparrow II Wheeled Garment Bag. This bag perfectly fits a messenger or carry-on bag on top, and the comfortable wheeled construction ensures you can take this bag right along with you all throughout the airport without worry of discomfort. If you’re travelling a large airport like Heathrow or LaGuardia, you won’t need to dread lugging your luggage from one place to another. To see what this bag has to offer, let’s check out a few of its top specs:

ECBC Fast Pass system
Equipped with the specialized ECBC Fast Pass System, the organized electronics compartment on the bag unzips easily and can be laid flat right on the security conveyor belt. You don’t need to worry about unpacking and repacking all of your electronics and cords, causing you to rush around and lose the organization you worked so hard on. The compartment fits a laptop of up to 16”, as well as a 12” tablet and all the corresponding cordage. The zippers on the electronics compartment is lockable, while the RFID front pocket keeps all of your electronic information safe.

Built in power bank
Long layovers can really kill your batteries, but you’ll never need to worry about finding an outlet again. The Sparrow II Wheeled Garment Bag is equipped with a 6000mAh portable power bank, which allows you to charge all of your electronics right in your bag.

2 Colors
In either black or grey, the Sparrow II Wheeled Garment Bag is offered in two stylish and classic colors that allow you to match your bag with the rest of your luggage. The colors are both featured in the nearly indestructible ballistic nylon, making the bag highly durable and water resistant while keeping your style on point.

The Garment Bag You Won’t Mind CheckingAircraft grade aluminum trolley system
Transporting your “big” bag has never been easier with our highly durable aircraft grade aluminum trolley system. The rubberized wheel system is completely repairable and replaceable, so it’s a bag that will last a lifetime no matter how often you travel. The highly durable trolley system ensures that you’ll always have a bag that is as easy to transport as it is to use.

Garment and duffle sections
Perfect for business travel, the garment section of the bag is kept separate from the general duffle section, allowing you to keep your clothes clean and wrinkle free on any trip. With the perfect amount of space needed for trips from 2 to 5 days, you don’t need to worry about your outfit for the big meeting coming out of your luggage wrinkled or otherwise in distress.

Our Sparrow II Wheeled Garment Bag is just the bag you need whether you’re going abroad for a wedding, a business meeting, or that vacation you’ve been looking forward to for so long. Your clothing and electronics are kept safe and secure, while the actual travel with the bag is kept comfortable and durable.


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