The Best Airlines For The Foodie Traveler

Brittany Reed

If you consider yourself a foodie, you are dedicated to the pursuit of finding the most delicious and amazingly prepared foods in the world. Not only do you plan your evening meals with precision and detail, but you even plan your vacations to accommodate your fine palate. Finding new food adventures is your idea of a good time. But what if we told you that you can have a foodie adventure on the way to your next destination?

Choosing Your Airline Based On The Menu 
Though most airlines are known as the place not to eat, there are actually a few that can be considered as good as a 5-star restaurant in the nearest big city. You might not believe it, but after extensive research, we’ve come up with a few airlines that deserve at least a taste for those who know, and appreciate, good food.

Turkish Airlines. The in-flight meals are always delicious. The food is fresh and the portions are plentiful. The caterer for this airline is world-renowned for creating some amazing dishes and even the economy meals are outstanding.

Singapore Airlines. The in-flight meal options for first, economy, and business are all enjoyable. But for a real pleasure, consider the option to “Book the Cook” when travelling first class or premium economy and you’ll eat lobster and caviar that is well worth the splurge.

Qatar Airways. You’ll get a variety of good eats with Qatar (even dessert) and they serve fantastic meals even in economy. The presentation of the food is always important and Qatar makes you feel as though you are in a fine restaurant.

The Best Airlines For The Foodie TravelerEmirates Airline. Though middle-eastern style dishes have always been pleasing on this airline, first–class fliers can get one-up with pairings of champagne, such as Dom Perignon, and canape bites such as cured duck with a saffron-poached pear, or feta, fig and truffle honey on a walnut baguette. 

Qantas Airlines. Long known as the safest airline in flight, this one also has some of the most delicious food you can find in the air. Australian chef Neil Perry serves first class and business travelers delicious foods, and the special team of mixologists serve up the drinks that could get you in trouble if you indulge with too many!

Austrian Airlines. A delicious and hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs, mushrooms, potato and tomato are accompanied by fresh fruit and OJ. Food on this airline has been described as some-of-the-best and though the meal will cost you an extra fee, it’s small in comparison to what you get for the experience.

Virgin Atlantic. This airline samples and tests over 500 dishes to create each new menu. Food is created to satisfy the palate of even the pickiest foodie and they succeed every time. From first class to economy, the food is something to look forward to.  Bonus points for the afternoon tea with wraps, crisps, and sweets as well as the sparkling wine for premium fliers and personal bottles of wine for coach.

On a side note, no matter what airline you try, remember that cabin pressure can make things a bit on the dry side, so flight-foodies recommend getting sauce on the side when possible.

Take the foodie adventure of a lifetime by booking the right flight to get you on your way.

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