The Best Airlines For Flying First Class

Brittany Reed

Flying first class is always an experience, but some airlines know how to give guests the experience they’re looking for better than others. From provided slippers and pajamas, to the feel of flying in a 5 star restaurant, the best airlines for splurging on first class are:

American Airlines
American Airlines provides a very unique experience when compared to other first class cabins. They’re not providing guests with the same goodies and packages as other airlines, but swiveling seats and booths allow you to fly in style. With their fine dining meal options, you can sit across from your traveling companion and enjoy a delicious meal just as if you’re visiting your favorite swanky restaurant.

The Best Airlines For Flying First ClassBritish Airways
What British Airways really prides itself on in their first class cabins is personal service. You’re not in the same fancy restaurant type environment that you’d find on an American Airlines first class flight, but flight attendants are there to make sure you’re optimally comfortable and happy throughout the entire trip. Private comfortable seating, great food, and plenty of amenities make you feel like you’re flying like kings and queens.

Cathay Pacific
Cathay Pacific is comfortable, friendly, and makes passengers feel like they’re more in a hotel room than a first class cabin. Each seat is outfitted with fresh orchids, and the seats are large enough that couples or families can sit together to enjoy their favorite movies or television shows. Complimentary toiletries and pajamas make you forget you’re on a flight, and make you feel like you’re right at home.

Jet Airways
If you want the royal treatment, Jet Airways first class is the way to go. The day before your flight, Jet Airways employees will contact passengers to ask when they can be expected, and your first class experience begins the minute you step foot in the airport. Employees will fill out your paperwork, escort you through checkout lines, and provide you with golf cart service throughout the airport. Once you get on your flight and in your first class suite, the comfort and treatment only continues.

Etihad Airways
Etihad airways is perfect for first class travelers who want to glam up their flight experience, with expertly crafted first class suite interior design and provided pajamas that feature real Swarovski crystals. The seating features plenty of room, and each come equipped with fresh nuts and sparkling water to enjoy at your leisure throughout the entirety of the flight.

For long flights, you can’t get any better than what first class suites on Lufthansa provides. Not only does your cabin have a comfortable seat by a window, but also a full bed with a mattress. Rather than on an airplane, you’ll feel like you’re in your own efficiency hotel room in the air.

If you wish to splurge on a first class ticket, might as well make it a ticket that gives you the full first class experience. While these are just a few of the most stand-out first class airlines out there, there are plenty more ready to give you the flight experience you’re never going to forget.

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