The 5 Best International Airports To Spend A Long Layover

Brittany Reed

While most travelers try to avoid long layovers, some actually embrace them. A layover can give you a pretty unique look into a new place you may not have otherwise traveled to if you spend it wisely, and some airports are better for those long layovers than others. The top 5 best international airports to spend a long layover are:

1.    London Heathrow
If you find yourself with a layover in London while on a business trip, rest assured you could be in no better place. Heathrow Boutique located in Terminal 5 offers travelers personal shoppers to help them to pick out a new outfit or buy a special souvenir, and over at Thomas Pink, you can have your suit for the big meeting ironed and tucked away in a plane friendly bag. For culture, you can get a taste of English art without leaving the airport, as Heathrow showcases a sculpture gallery of works from budding local artists. Love food? Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food makes you feel like you’re not even in an airport!

The 5 Best International Airports To Spend A Long Layover2.    Singapore Changi International Airport
Singapore Changi International Airport has a little bit of everything, and what makes it even better is how comfortable, clean, and well-kept the airport is as a whole. To relieve some traveling stress, take a stroll in one of the 5 airport gardens, drop by a spa, or take a few moments in a massage chair. If you’re looking for a little more fun, or you have little ones in tow, try out their multi-story slide and stop by one of the many XBox gaming stations.

3.    Munich International Airport
Munich International Airport is one that is no stranger to layovers, acting as one of the major travel hubs throughout Europe. The impressively well-organized airport is filled with various amenities showcasing German culture, and a layover in Munich often entices travelers to come back to stay for their next vacation. For fun, the airport has its own mini-golf course for killing a little time, as well as multiple free coffee stations to give you that much needed pick-me-up.

4.    Taipei Taoyuan International Airport
The Taipei Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan is truly a sight to behold. For creatives, every gate is elaborately decorated in a different theme, and these range from technology, to environmentalism, to pop culture like Hello Kitty. On top of the incredible design, the airport also features shower stations that allow you to freshen up between legs of your trip. Considering style alone, Taipei Taoyuan International Airport can truly impress any traveler.

5.    Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
One really unique aspect of the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is that it is the only airport in the world to have 100 years in the same location. This airport has a number of truly unique charms like a free museum featuring art from some of history’s famous Dutch masters, a full airport library, and several different spas. Layovers feel more like a day spent in a new city rather than cooped up in an airport in Amsterdam.

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