The Top 4 Honeymoon Destinations For 2018

Brittany Reed

Whether you’re planning a wedding in late 2017 or anytime in 2018, or you’re thinking of rekindling the feeling with an anniversary honeymoon, the year 2018 has plenty of options to choose from. The top 4 honeymoon destinations for 2018 include:


 1. Hawaii – For a honeymoon, Hawaii is an option that feels far away, but is actually considered domestic travel. Hawaii Airlines is one of the best airlines for foodies in the United States, and the journey doesn’t stop when you leave the plane. For couples who love a great romantic dinner, Hawaiian barbecue, fresh seared Ahi tuna, and fresh poke bowls are just three of the bevy of options to please your palette throughout your trip. For those times you’re not enjoying the myriad of incredible fares, there’s also plenty of activities and excursions to enjoy. Volcano backdrops, helicopter rides, ocean sunsets, infinity pools, and some of the most scenic bike trails in the world give you plenty to do throughout every day of your trip. Looking for something a little more relaxing? A couple’s massage on the white sandy beach, while you feel the ocean breeze on your backs, is always a hit.


2. The Maldives – If you’re looking for a destination that will impress, and potentially make all other destinations pale in comparison, look no further than The Maldives. In The Maldives, each resort is essentially located on its own private island, showing lines of bungalows suspended over the ocean water using wooden docks and boardwalks. Hammocks and swing sets suspend over water so clear you can see straight to the bottom, and the bungalows offer romantic views and plenty of privacy. 


 3. Italy – Considered to be a top honeymoon destination for the year 2018, Italy offers great food, world-class shopping, thousands of years of history, museums galore, and romantic beaches. During a honeymoon, a couple can enjoy a warm beach one day, travel to see world-renowned art the same afternoon, dine at a five-star restaurant in the evening, and enjoy shopping in a world-fashion destination before catching a dessert they’ll never forget. On the next day, they can begin their morning with breakfast and an excursion to a historical destination hundreds or thousands of years old. In Italy, there is something unforgettable for any style or type of traveler.


4. South Africa – For an experience that is different from the norm, but every bit as exciting, South Africa is perfect for the adventurous couple. Staying in a Safari lodge, you’ll experience a laid-back atmosphere that observes and appreciates the vast and varied nature of the area. During your downtime, you’ll be able to experience all that the local ecosystem has to offer, as well as incredible views, and animal interactions. While you’re in the city, South Africa has excellent shopping, incredible food, and a positive infectious attitude. South Africa is also home to a world-renowned vineyard and brewery culture, with plenty of small craft brews or vinos just waiting to be experienced and enjoyed. 

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