The Best Way To Pack A Suit In Carry On Luggage Without It Wrinkling

Brittany Reed

Nowadays it is too much of a hassle and an expense to pack a garment bag. That leaves many business travelers having to do their best to pack a suit without wrinkling it. Even the most careful packer can end up scrambling once they land to find a dry cleaner to get a quick steam so they look professional for an important client meeting. However, there is a way to pack a business suit to reduce wrinkling. It may not lead to a perfectly pressed suit, but if hung up as soon as you get to your destination or even slightly steamed in your hotel room shower, you can keep your suit looking pretty fresh for that important meeting.

Here are the steps to fold a suit in carry on luggage to keep it fresh:

1. Lay the suit jacket face down on a flat surface like a bed or ironing board.

2. Fold the left shoulder back to the centerline of the jacket.

3. Fold the right shoulder back and turn it inside out.

4. Tuck the left shoulder into the inside out right shoulder.

5. Fold in half lengthwise, keeping the shoulder tucked, being careful not to create an creases.

6. Then fold the jacket horizontally along the middle..

7. Next, take your trousers and fold them along the front creases vertically (the way  you would hang them in your closet).

8. Lay the folded trousers stretched out across a flat surface.

9. Place the suit jacket in the center of the trouser by the knee.

10. Fold the trouser bottoms across the length of the jacket.

11. Then fold the trouser waist over the jacket, making sure not to create any overlap with the bottom of the trousers.

Once your jacket is folded into a neat parcel, then you need to pack it correctly as to not cause any unnecessary wrinkling. Here are some tips to consider when packing your folded suit:

Line the jacket and the trousers with plastic before folding. The plastic provided by a dry cleaner is perfect for this application. It will help prevent the suit from rubbing against itself. You can also just wrap the whole bundle in a single plastic bag.

Pack your suit at the top of your suitcase so there is nothing weighing it down and causing wrinkles. If you can put it in a separate compartment from your other items, especially heavier items like shoes, laptops, and toiletries. Our Falcon Wheeled Carry On Duffle Bag offers two separate compartments which is perfect for separating your suit to keep it from wrinkling.

Do not overpack, the tighter you pack the more pressure it will cause in your bag which will ultimately lead to wrinkles.

Finally, there are a few other tips you should consider when traveling with a suit to help reduce wrinkles:

● Hang up your suit as soon as you get to the hotel. The longer it sits in your bag, the more likely it is to develop wrinkles.

● Bring a handheld travel steamer to get out the small wrinkles. Travel steamers are really affordable and worth the investment when it comes to your professional career.

● Plan for the worst no matter how perfectly you pack your suit, make sure to always speak with your hotel before booking to see if they offer quick laundering services like pressing. If not make sure you are near a one-hour dry cleaner, that can quickly steam your suit.

You don’t need a garment bag to keep your suit free of wrinkles. If you fold your suit right, pack in the right luggage like our Falcon Duffle Bag, and have a backup plan just in case, you’ll always be able to look fresh when you are traveling for work.

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