The Best Domestic Airlines For Travelling With Your Family

Brittany Reed

Family vacations make up some of the best memories one can have, but the getting there can be pretty stressful with kids in tow. If you’re traveling domestic, there are some airlines that make travel with your family much easier and dare we say, even one of the fun parts of the trip. The best domestic airlines for traveling with family in the United States are:


  • • Alaska Airlines – Alaska offers a ton for family vacations. Rustic scenery, wildlife, plenty of excursions, and incredible food. Alaska airlines also offers quite a bit to parents and children to make the trip a little easier. Families with children under the age of 2 will be some of the very first to board the plane, even before first class, allowing families to get on early and get settled in. Free in-flight entertainment offers plenty of kid-friendly options, and while they’re watching a favorite movie or show, they can enjoy a $6 Kids’ Picnic Pack that contains a bevy of healthy fresh snacks.


  • • American Airlines – American Airlines, while offering free seating assignments at the time of booking, fills up pretty quickly which may not allow you to take full advantage of those benefits. That being said, American Airlines allows families to board the plane early when they make a request with the gate agent ahead of time, and they have an excellent selection of kid-based entertainment on board. A full selection of both movies and television programs just for kids is available, and they offer a ton of great healthy snacks.


  • •Delta Airlines – Delta airlines allows families carrying strollers or car seats to board before first or business class on the plane, and also allows seating assignment at the time of booking. While in the air, streaming any number of children’s programs and movies is free, and the airline offers a selection of healthy snack boxes to enjoy that entertainment with.


  • •JetBlue Airlines – Like Delta and Alaska Airlines, families board early and are able to choose their seats upon booking with JetBlue Airlines. However, when it comes to taking a full family vacation, checked bags are usually a must, and this is where JetBlue shines. If you pay online or at a kiosk, you get your first checked bag at a discount, which can help families to save a bit on their travel expenses. If snacks are important, JetBlue offers a vast array of brand-name snacks on board free of charge, with picks like natural potato chips and Cheez-It crackers.


  •  Southwest Airlines – Southwest Airlines takes JetBlue’s baggage policy and turns it all the way up. On Southwest Airlines, you are allowed to check two bags per passenger for free, and they allow you to change your itinerary for free should any unforeseen circumstances arise. Families with children 6 years of age and under get to board first, and choose their sets before other passengers board. As for entertainment, a bevy of children’s programs are available as well as the option of watching live TV. 

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