The Best Airlines For Eating Gluten Free

Brittany Reed

For those with gluten allergies or intolerances, finding good options at your average restaurant is tough, never mind finding something you really want while taking a flight. With more attention surrounding gluten allergies and intolerances in recent years, however, finding these options is becoming easier, and some airlines are beginning to accommodate those who need to avoid gluten in the fares they offer. Rather than filling your Falcon Wheeled Duffle Carry-On Bag with gluten-free snacks, some of the best airlines for eating gluten-free include:


  • •JetBlue – JetBlue is one of the only American airlines that not only offer passengers gluten-free snack options, but offer gluten-free complimentary snack options. This means that those with a gluten allergy or intolerance won’t need to forego the complimentary snack offered on their flight for something they’ve needed to bring or pay for, and they can enjoy this perk like the rest of the flight’s passengers. JetBlue also offers a bevy of healthy plant-based food options for purchase that are friendly for both gluten-free and meat-free travelers.


  •  Air Berlin – Air Berlin in Germany offers gluten-free travelers their own small menu of gluten-free snacks and meals ranging through all different types of global cuisines. The Asian vegetables dish is a gluten-free favorite for many passengers that also caters to those who require a meat-free meal as well.


  • •Emirates Airways – Along with UAE’s Etihad, Emirates Airways offers extensive gluten-free options, as well as detailed ingredient lists describing all of the omitted ingredients in certain dishes and who they may be suitable for. For instance, gluten-free options state that the dish was made without protein of wheat, barley, or rye, and that they are suitable for those with gluten intolerances or allergies, allowing those who need to avoid gluten a clear confidence with what they’re eating.


  • •ANA – Japan-based ANA not only offers extensive selections to gluten-free passengers but passengers with various food allergies and restrictions as well. Meals free of 7 to 25 allergens are offered to allow passengers with food restrictions or allergies of all types something suitable to eat whether on a domestic or international flight.


Traveling Gluten-Free


When traveling, the airline should be notified of all gluten-free passengers in advance if the passenger wishes to have a meal in-flight. Placing your order when booking your ticket is ideal, and calling to remind the airline of your gluten-free request around 48 hours ahead of time is always a safe-bet. Just as there are some airlines that cater beautifully to those with gluten-free needs, there are others that should probably be avoided. It’s important for those with gluten intolerances or allergies to ask specifically if the meals in question are gluten-free or low gluten, as some airlines will serve low-gluten masked as a “gluten-free” meal, and if they’re safe for those with food allergies as well as intolerances. While the low-gluten or traces of gluten meals may be suitable for those with an intolerance, they can prove dangerous for those who suffer from an allergy.

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