Statistics For Packing In The USA

Brittany Reed

A few interesting things can be gleaned by looking at a few packing statistics based in the United States. Surveys typically show that a way a person packs their bags before a trip relies heavily on 3 factors:

  • Gender
  • Frequency of travel
  • Habit

Regardless of gender, habit, or travel frequency, 81% of travelers believe they are expert packers, and it’s really interesting to see just how different these “expert packers” can be.

Statistics For Packing In The USARolling Vs Folding
When done smartly, both rolling and packing can be perfectly reasonable and space-saving ways to pack. Rolling refers to those who roll their clothes before placing it into their luggage, while folding refers to those who go about it the “old-fashioned way”, by folding their clothing neatly. 70% of people opt for folding their clothes, while just 30% prefer to roll, and more men tend to be folders over rollers, while women prefer rolling to folding.

When done with space saving in mind, and depending on your choice of luggage, either method can be sufficient. Whether folding or rolling, men tend to take around 9 minutes less to pack for a trip when compared to women, with 76 minutes to 85. In both men and women, however, 55% report that even with all the folding and rolling they do to fit everything in their luggage, they don’t tend to wear everything they pack along with them.

What To Pack
How we pack differs from person to person and so does what we pack. Coordination before packing is a common practice, with 77% claiming they lay-out their clothing before folding or rolling into their luggage. Of those who coordinate, 85% are women, while 68% are men. While coordination does take a bit more time, it can provide the peace of mind you need before travel to ensure you will have everything you need to take along with you.

No traveler wants to find themselves at their destination without their underclothes, and that is why 45% make sure to pack a fresh pair for everyday of the trip, plus a spare. 17%, however, like to play it extra safe by packing double the amount of underwear compared to days on their trip. So, for instance, for a week-long vacation, they will pack 14 pairs of underwear compared to the more common 8.

To Check Or Not To Check
57% of air travelers say that they make it their mission when coordinating and packing to fit everything they will need into a carry-on bag. Having to check a bag is out of the question unless absolutely necessary, and this is typical to avoid long lines at the airport when going through security or the risk of lost luggage.

When to pack, and how to pack, is something that is going to vary from person to person, but the one solid is that travelers will require convenient, quality, and useful luggage to pack their things in to. With bags like our Sparrow II Wheeled Garment Bag or Falcon Wheeled Duffle Bag, packing is something you can look forward to no matter how you choose to do it!

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