Spotlight On Zeus

Brittany Reed

The first thing that you’ll notice when you look at the coolest messenger bag ever is the variety of colors that you can get it in. How many times have you found a bag that you like, only to find that it comes in the same boring color that everyone else has? 5 colors to choose from is only a small portion of what makes the ecbc Zeus Messenger Bag stand apart from the rest.

What’s In A Name
Naming a backpack, messenger bag, or a piece of luggage is no easy task. Deciding on a word that can describe your item in precise detail means that research must be done to find an accurate representation. At ecbc, we knew that all of our items were worthy of names that stood for strength and ease. And so, after much research and deliberation, we settled on names that are well deserving of the items they represent.

A Lot To Live Up To
When naming the Zeus Messenger Bag, we knew that there was a lot to live up to. Not only was Zeus the Greek god who had control over the skies (specifically lightning and thunder) he was also known as the Father of all Greek gods. He ruled with a thunderbolt from the top of Mount Olympus, home of the Greek gods, and was a force to be reckoned with when he was angered. Though, when not angry, Zeus was fair and agreeable to most.

Order And Organization
Many people don’t know that Zeus was also the father of hospitality and order, and the ecbc messenger bag that is named after him will bring plenty of order to your life with its multiple organizational compartments and 11 liter capacity. You’ll also have a quick access pocket where you can store your tickets or anything else that you’ll need to get to in a flash.

A Strong Bag Of Lightning
Spotlight On ZeusBeside his thunderbolt, Zeus had a bag of lightening, so it stands to reason that we’d name our bag after something so strong. The Zeus Messenger Bag is constructed with nearly indestructible Kodra nylon, making it perfect for all of your travels. Plus, your 15-inch laptop will be well protected in the high density foam laptop pocket. And should the god of thunder decide to rain on your parade, the messenger bag named after him is water resistant to keep you high and dry.

Comfort For Travel
Almost like a trick of the gods, the Zeus Messenger Bag has self-repairing YKK zippers so you’ll never have to worry about stripping a zipper in the middle of your trip across town or around the world. The shoulder strap is adjustable and padded to keep you comfortable as you travel, and the Zeus has a hideaway pocket to keep the excess strap perfectly packed away.

The Zeus Messenger Bag may not have quite the authority that the Greek god had, but it certainly has quite a bit of power in the world of messenger bags. Pick one up and you’ll see why it reins high over the rest.


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