Spotlight On Trident

Brittany Reed

Spotlight On Trident

Messenger bags can be found at just about every local department and discount stores in a range of prices with a range of features. And anyone who has ever bought a messenger bag from a discount retailer can tell you just how quickly they got the message: you get what you pay for.

It’s What You Need For Transport
A messenger bag isn’t exactly a piece of luggage; it’s likely not going to transport your business suit and track sneakers. However, a messenger bag can be more important than a suitcase when you think about the important documents and electronics that you’ll be transporting across town, or across the world.  That’s why you want a bag that’s strong, dependable, and sends the right message of: you got this!

Trident Origins
Trident might seem like a quirky name for a messenger bag, but it makes sense when you think about it. A trident is a 3-pronged spear that is typically used for fishing. The Greek god of the sea, Poseidon, was famous for his trident spear and wielded it proudly while ruling the waters. The ecbc Trident Messenger Bag would have been a perfect parcel for Poseidon, since it is water resistant and has self-repairing, water–sealing zippers.

Super Tough And Made To Last
Just like the Greek god of the sea, the ecbc Trident Messenger Bag means business. A 15 liter bag that takes you anywhere you want to go, Trident can boast some of the features that you’d be hard pressed to find in a shop at the mall. The protection that you’ll find in the Trident speaks for itself; constructed of ballistic nylon, your gear will stay safe and sound as you transport it around. And your 15-inch laptop will be enshrouded in a high-density foam pocket to protect it from anything that comes your way.

Flight Friendly
The Trident Messenger Bag is the perfect partner on your next flight, thanks to the ecbc FastPass® System. This allows you to unzip the specialized electronics compartment, lay the bag flat on the security conveyer, and go through TSA without having to unpack your electronics and cables. A quick access ticket pocket keeps everything at your fingertips to keep you moving along.

We Figured Out The Flaps
What’s the most often heard complaint about messenger bags? The flaps! Too much security makes getting into the bag more cumbersome, not enough security leaves your possessions in a compromised position. The ecbc Trident Messenger Bag has the highest-grade self-fastening strip to keep the flap closed so you do not have to mess with buckles. For easier access to the Trident Messenger Bag’s main compartment, a top zipper allows entry without having to open the flap. It’s that easy and that secure.

Word Gets Around
We’ve heard amazing things from our customers about this bag, such as:

  • “Excellent.”
  • “Product was exactly what I needed and the service was prompt.”
  • “This bag is awesome for daily carry.”
  • “Form. Function. Finesse. Great bag!”

We’re confident that the Trident Messenger Bag is just what you need to be the most organized kid on the block. Try it and you’ll see why it’s worthy of such a title.

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