Spotlight On Lance

Brittany Reed

Spotlight On Lance

There are several meanings for the word lance, but the one we like the best is “to cut through,” which is what we like to do to our competition.

The Importance Of Cutting Through The Competition
The ecbc Lance Executive Daypack is so loaded with features for the business traveler, it cuts through the competition and makes a name for itself that stands alone. The Lance will do double duty by replacing your briefcase and your backpack and combining them into one sleek and stylish daypack. If you are looking for a high quality vessel that will carry you from the office to the airport, organized and ready to depart, then look no further as this is the one to beat.

Total Organization And Ease At The Airport
A 28 liter capacity gives you plenty of room for storage, including 19 compartments that let you keep your pens and papers separated and organized. Anything you need for that meeting in Seattle tomorrow afternoon is sorted and stored and ready to go. The organizational aspects of the Lance let you head to the airport and be on the next flight with only a moments notice. And speaking of airport travel, why spend so much time in line at TSA when you can take advantage of the ecbc FastPass® System, giving you the freedom to fly through TSA without having to unpack your laptop, tablet, or cables? Just unzip the YKK Self-Repairing zippers and lay the Lances laptop compartment flat on the conveyer.

Added Protection And Extra Strength
The Lance holds up to a 17 inch laptop, but also includes a removable modular insert that can be used for smaller devices. Some of the best points about the Lance Executive Daypack include the fact that it’s made from ballistic nylon, meaning that it’s nearly indestructible, so it can take you on one trip or a hundred trips without missing a beat. With so much strength and durability, Lance is also easy on your body by offering an incredible waist belt, rivaling those of technical climbing packs. The belt stabilizes the pack and transfers the weight of the bag to the hips. When not in use, it simply tucks tidily behind the pack's frame.

For The Love Of All Travelers
The Lance Executive Daypack is like no other. Seasoned travelers will appreciate its padded foam pockets that protect laptops, tablets, phones, and anything else that travels with you. Busy travelers will love the Duraflex padded shoulder straps and the EVA comfort foam back panel that takes more pressure off when running from one end of the airport to the other to catch your connecting flight. And weighing in at a low 3.4 lbs. (1.47 kg) gives you the freedom to pack more of what you need.

When the competition in luggage and travel gear is so high, your product must be the best to cut through the rest. And that’s just what the Lance has done.

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