Spotlight On Javelin

Brittany Reed

Though a javelin is a spear-like weapon, it’s also an Olympic event. In the event, athletes can win medals by throwing the javelin as far as possible. To date, the Olympic record stands at 90.57 meters (about 298 feet).

An Olympic Gold Medal Winner
Spotlight On JavelinAt ecbc, we knew that to create a daypack with an Olympic Gold medal winning event name, we had to make it something extra special. And we think we did a pretty good job with the Javelin Executive Daypack. This is a backpack that far exceeds what an average backpack does. You can call it by any other name, but you’ll not find the design features and details that you’ll find in the Javelin.

What People Are Saying
We can give you all of the amazing features that will make this daypack your number-one choice when it comes to picking the best piece of gear for your travels (like the 17 storage compartments, self-repairing zippers, and water bottle holder), but take a look at what some of our customers had to say:

  • “Looks are deceiving! This bag holds a huge amount of stuff.” – seaLoves
  • “Great back pack, the best for laptop, iPad, or Kindle.” – Joey
  • “I travelled in Spain and England with for three weeks and wore it every day including when attending a 3 day conference…I recommend this backpack to anyone for traveling.” – Allen

Those are just a few of the things that people are saying about the Javelin. And the reasons why are plentiful.

Briefcase Be Gone
In the age of modernism combined with minimalism, the Javelin Executive Daypack makes perfect sense for a busy lifestyle. Replacing the cumbersome briefcase, Javelin was created with slim and stylish lines that make it look as professional on the outside as it is on the inside. With color choices of basic black or grey, it remains neutral and professional enough to blend in no matter where you take it.

The Business Traveler’s Friend
Business travelers know the importance of going from office to airport in a flash and the Javelin is the perfect tool to accomplish this task. Of course it has the ecbc FastPass® System, which allows you to unzip the specialized electronics compartment, lay the bag flat on the security conveyer and go through TSA without having to unpack your laptop, tablet, and cables. But it also allows you to pack a 17 inch laptop and carry it with ease thanks to the Duraflex adjustable padded shoulder straps. Should you have a smaller laptop, Javelin has a removable modular insert so you can fit smaller devices and keep them snug.

One Step Ahead Of The Competition
One thing we know for sure: you can’t win a gold medal in the Javelin competition unless you have strength and durability. That’s why we created the Javelin Executive Daypack with strength beyond most of the daypacks out there. With its ballistic nylon construction, water resistant capability, and high-density foam pads that protect your electronics, you’ll be well ahead of the competition before you even start.

You can pick any old backpack to get you where you need to go, but if you want to pick a winner, go with the Javelin. 

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