Spotlight On Hercules

Brittany Reed

Hercules is one of the most famous heroes in Greek mythology. He was born to the father of all Greek gods, Zeus. Hercules was amazingly strong and his strength was noted among all mortals and gods alike. Though Hercules faced many trials and tribulations in his life, he was able to overcome all of them with his strength.

Spotlight On Hercules

The Challenges
Hercules faced challenges from outside forces, mostly from his step-mother, Zeus’ wife Hera. Hera used all of her powers to keep Hercules from obtaining any great joy. Throughout his lifetime, Hercules was given task after task to complete that required he use his strength and cunning to overcome the trials before him. In the end, Hercules won each battle and succeeded in many adventures before he died. And as legend has it, upon his death he was carried to Mount Olympus to spend eternity with the gods.

What’s In A Name
Naming any product can be an exciting, yet difficult task. Much thought must go in to each item that bears a name that people know, or an adjective that describes what it must do.

Of all the items you find on the market today, so many fall short of what they were intended to be. A “Mighty Work Boot” might be no better than a work boot made by Average Joe, and a “Massive Hamburger” might be no more massive than what is sold under the golden arches for a lower price. If you plan on naming your product something strong, you had better back it up with tangible results. 

Living Up To The Legend
When choosing to name our 20 liter capacity backpack after this legendary Greek hero, we knew that the item had to live up to its namesake. Hercules is a name that is still well-known today and the first word that anyone thinks of when hearing the name is “strength.”  That’s why the Hercules Laptop Backpack is crafted with nearly indestructible, outdoor tested Kodra nylon, making it the highest quality backpack to carry all your fragile tech gear.

Being Organized
Hercules had to rely on more than his brawn, he sometimes had to outsmart his enemies with his organizational skills. The Hercules Laptop Backpack is well crafted with plenty of pockets for organizing your 17 inch laptop, your tablet, and your phone. 21 organizational compartments mean that you have a place for everything, including your water bottle. This is the way to outsmart your travel woes.

Ready To Go
Hercules was ready to go when he was called, and with the ecbc FastPass system, you’ll be ready, too. The ecbc FastPass® System allows you to unzip the specialized electronics compartment, lay the bag flat on the security conveyer, and go through TSA without having to unpack your laptop, tablet, and cables. And you’ll never have to worry about stripping your zippers thanks to the self-repairing, water sealing, YKK zippers that will keep you up and running, no matter how far or fast.

Protection Perfection
The Hercules Laptop Backpack offers so much protection, you’ll understand just why we named it after such a strong figure. Its water resistance means that your clothing and electronics will stay dry through a downpour, its high-density protective foam pockets mean that your electronic devices will stay safe, and the adjustable padded shoulder straps means that your load will be easier to carry.

No matter what trials and tasks come your way, let the strength of Hercules take you through them.

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