Pro Tips To Add A Little Vacation Time To Your Business Trip

Brittany Reed

When booking a flight that has a layover, consider choosing the longer layover. If you have a few hours, you can sneak away from the airport and check out the city. If you do this, plan it wisely though. Pick a destination or a site you really want to see, map out your transportation ahead of time, and rent a locker to hold your luggage. You can definitely visit a famous museum, see a historical site, or simply see some friends during a longer layover if you manage your time correctly.

Pick A Hotel Near Tourist Destinations

If you are fortunate enough that you can book your own hotel when traveling, pick where you stay strategically. Obviously you’ll want to be close to your client meetings, but look around the local area and see what sites are available. Picking the hotel directly across the street from a tourist destination will make it easier to see some sites when you have a little downtime.

Schedule Meetings At Destinations You Want To Visit

If there’s a famous restaurant or venue you’ve always wanted to visit in your destination city, why not meet your clients there? Not only will you be able to conduct your business, you’ll also be able to impress them with a great experience. So offer to take them somewhere truly special when you are in town rather than just meeting wherever.

Use Your PTO Wisely

If you have meetings on Monday and Wednesday, consider using a day of PTO on Tuesday instead of working remotely. That way you can get some great vacation time in while on your trip, rather than being stuck at the hotel working the whole day. You can also consider using your PTO to just stay a few extra days in town. As long as this doesn’t cost extra, your employer may be okay with you extending your trip.

Talk To Your Employer

Most of the time business travel happens on the most expensive flight days. If you find that flying back on a Sunday is cheaper for them than on a Saturday and offer to pay for you extra hotel nights, they may be amenable to you stacking a little weekend leisure time. You can also offer to do a little business on your personal trips in return for allowing you this flexibility. Employers are usually pretty open to ideas when they are saving money, so just think about how you can turn your mini vacation into a win-win for both of you.

If you are able to plan a little extra vacation time during your work travel, you’ll need great luggage. What you bring for meetings and what you bring for leisure are going to be two different things. So make sure you plenty of room to bring everything you need with our space efficient luggage at ECBC. You’ll be able to pack your suits devices and any documents right alongside your swimwear and sneakers and even have a little extra room for some souvenirs.

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