Preparing For A Comfortable International Flight

Brittany Reed

International flights are often long, and in your Falcon carry-on bag or backpack, there are things you can pack with you to ensure your international flight is as comfortable as possible. A comfortable flight is a good flight, and we want to help you to have the best journey possible in order to set up for the perfect arrival at your destination.

First and foremost, you are what you eat, and it’s important to remember this on international flights. Choosing your meal before your flight, a service that is free of charge with many airlines, can make sure you’re not eating something that is going to leave you feeling lousy while you’re in the air. Choose something well-balanced, and something that won’t be too hard on your stomach. Additionally, in your Falcon or other carry-on bag, pack some high-fiber healthy snacks like almonds or fruit to give your body what it needs for gastrointestinal support while also calming those mid-flight snack cravings.

Preparing For A Comfortable International FlightNext, you’ll want to focus on sleep. Putting a few sleep-friendly items in your carry-on is something you’ll surely thank yourself for later. On a long international flight, getting a little shut eye in can make the flight seem that much shorter, but you don’t want to wake up sore and stiff when you get to your destination. Make room in your bag for a small travel pillow, a blanket, and perhaps a sleep mask if you’re flying during primarily daylight hours, so you can settle in for a nap while you’re in the air.

As any traveler can attest to, the air in the plane is dry, and when you’re exposed for long periods of time, you’re like to dry out yourself. To keep comfortable while on a long flight, pack some facial moisturizer, hand cream, and lip balm in your carry-on, and apply liberally whenever you feel like your skin may be getting tight and uncomfortable. The last thing you want is to arrive at your destination fighting chapped lips and irritated skin.

For when your flight is over and you’re preparing to land, have some energy boosting goodies in your bag for landing. If you’ve spent the last handful of hours dozing in and out of sleep, and you’ve been traveling for the whole day, you’re going to be drowsy when you’re about to land. If you’re traveling for business, you may not have time for a quick nap, and if it’s for pleasure, you don’t want to waste your vacation asleep, so do what you can to provide yourself with a little natural energy. If smoothies or fruit drinks are available, order one, and have a handful of almonds to give you jolt of good energy.

Long international flights aren’t something travelers need to dread, and with the right preparation, they can be a comfortable and relaxing experience. Equipped with your carry-on bag and a few things, spend that time in the air dreaming of your destination rather than waiting for the journey to be over!

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