Packing Tips For Minimalists

Brittany Reed

Do you consider yourself a minimalist?

Minimalism is taking everything in your life and stripping it down to the basics. Minimalistic décor is that which is simple and completely uncomplicated. Don’t you wish that’s how packing for your next trip could be? With all of the fees that airlines charge, wouldn’t it be great to find a way to adopt the minimalist lifestyle and pack only what you need?

It All Starts With The Bag
First things first; get a high quality piece of luggage. For a weekend getaway, try the Hercules Laptop Backpack made with durable Kodra nylon. For a longer adventure, a good option would be the Falcon 22” wheeled duffle bag. It’s made from HD Ballistic nylon that will hold up on any adventure you can take it on. Both of these pieces have self-repairing zippers and all of your precious cargo will be safe and sound in one place.

Tips And Tricks To Stay Light
Packing Tips For MinimalistsSince each person is as different as each trip taken, there are a few basic rules for packing like a minimalist that can be adapted to any situation.

Pack what you need to have and forget about what you might need. You have to pack clean underwear, but do you really need those 4 magazines in case you get bored. Though all of the comforts of home might be nice, they probably won’t even get used and you’ll just have to lug around and back home again. 

A week’s worth or clothing is all you need. There are plenty of ways to get around this one, from mix-and-match patterns to simple solids and basics. Pick clothes that wick away moisture and are wrinkle-resistant. And remember; you can either find a place to do laundry or do it yourself in the sink. 

Bring things that you know you’ll use. If you are a photo-bug, you have to bring a camera. If you have a medical condition, you’ll need to bring your medications. But do you really need that flat-iron? You don’t always need to bring extra things with you just-in-case. 

Save a little space. You’ll likely bring back souvenirs or other purchases, so leaving a bit of room will ensure that it all fits upon your return trip. 

The Basics
Men and women obviously have different wardrobe essentials, but the basics are the basics no matter what the gender. When it comes to your clothing remember:

  • Roll everything. This saves space and keeps clothing in good condition.

  • Pick clothing that matches up with other pieces so you can create different outfits with the same few tops and bottoms.
  • Stick with two pairs of shoes. Pick functionality over fashion and pack shoes based on the activities of your trip. 

  • When it comes to makeup, leave your makeup case at home. Keep the basics and opt for a few neutral colors you can wear with anything.

When packing your toiletries, no matter where you go, the important things are:

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Sunscreen

  • Deodorant

  • Insect repellent

  • A bar or soap in a plastic case

  • A shampoo bar in a plastic case

  • A styling product such as hair paste or clay

Don’t forget to pack a laundry bag to keep dirty clothes separate, a small LED flashlight or headlamp, and a few zip-top bags.

If you stick to just what you need, you’ll be able to keep your luggage situation under control. Plan ahead, do a dry-run of packing, and keep removing as you go along. Remember, anything that you might end up needing can often be borrowed, purchased, or rented anywhere you go.

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