Packing For Your Pet Before A Big Trip

Brittany Reed

Whether you’re boarding a flight, or packing everyone into the car, there are some packing considerations you’ll want to take if you’re travelling with your pet. Packing your pet supplies into a duffle, like our Falcon Wheeled Duffle, is ideal, and our Falcon even has wheels to transport your pet’s things to and from the car or plane to where you’re staying.

The first thing you should do, long before the physical act of packing for your pet, is to obtain their vaccination records from your veterinary office. Accidents have a tendency to sneak up on us and our pets, and should your pet face an injury or illness while you’re travelling, their records will allow another veterinarian far away provide them with the care they need. If you’re boarding your pet during an excursion or going to a pet-friendly hotel, the facility will often require up to date vaccination records in order to have your pet check in. For those travelling to foreign countries, different vaccination requirements may be upheld, and these will need to be looked in to before your pet will be allowed to enter the country.

Packing For Your Pet Before A Big TripAs for the actual packing experience, keep their potty necessities in an easy to access compartment. These things should be the first things you pack, including your collar with tags, leash, and bathroom bags, then tucked into an easy to access compartment in your duffle bag or other luggage so you can grab them and go when your pet needs to go! While travelling by air, your pet will be kept secure in a crate, but once they leave that crate, they’ll need to be secured as they use the bathroom and stretch their legs upon landing.

Next, you’ll want to make sure you have easy to access pet first aid. Pet first aid kits can be purchased in many pet supplies stores, and they include everything necessary should your pet get into a little trouble while travelling. These typically include eye wash, tweezers, gauze, adhesive tape, and antiseptic moist wipes. It is simple to create your own pet first aid kit, but it’s always important to make sure all items in your kit are pet friendly. Your pet first aid kit should be kept in an easy compartment to access, and you may even want to pack them with your pet’s collar, tags, and leash if there is room.

Packing your pet’s favorite food is also a good idea. Your pet’s stomach has already grown accustomed to their food, and switching it up could cause gastrointestinal upset, something that you absolutely don’t want while taking a faraway trip. While it may be tempting to simply buy food when you get to your destination, packing as much as you can of their current food is a better idea.

Lastly you’ll want to make sure to pack their comfort items. While travelling with a pet can be really exciting for you both, it can raise some anxieties in pets as well. Packing a favorite pillow, blanket, or toy along with them in their car or crate will give them a little piece of home they can take comfort in.

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