Our 7 Favorite Airport Lounges Around The World

Brittany Reed

For most people traveling, one of the low points of the journey is the time spent waiting to board the plane. This is especially true if you’re transferring from one flight to the other, but the next flight isn’t for several hours. But for people that are willing to spend a bit more on their flight experience, that luxury transfers over to the lounges for waiting too.

They’re not commonly discussed, but some airport lounges are so good you almost don’t want to board the plane! These are our favorite airport lounges from around the world.

British Airways Concorde Room, London Heathrow Airport
Trust the British to do it in style. This airport lounge features floor to ceiling glass walls in its bar, a restaurant complete with booths for all day dining, and three private cabana rooms complete with beds and bathrooms for anyone that wants to reserve them.

There’s also an adjacent spa, as well as a concierge staff to handle any urgent or decadent requests you may have while you’re staying.

Qatar Airways Premium Terminal, Doha International Airport
Some places have first class lounges, but Qatar Airways went above and beyond with a complete, 33000 sq. ft terminal reserved just for business and first class passengers. If you want to remain as far away from the poor, unwashed masses as you can, this terminal is here to serve! An exclusive duty free shopping area, manicures and facials, a business center for people that need to work, secretarial services and a full buffet are just a few of the perks of this lounge!

South African Airways Cycad First Class Lounge, Johannesburg International Airport
Sporting a safari theme, this lounge is full of leather upholstered furniture, a rotating daily menu, full bar, shower rooms, reading rooms, sound proofed napping rooms, smoking rooms and a state of the art business center. It’s got everything you need to either stay comfortable or productive while you’re waiting.

Virgin Atlantic JFK Clubhouse, New York John F Kennedy International Airport
For people that want personal attention this is the lounge to go to. Attentive staff are on hand to help as you navigate a very classy, highly stylized lounge, complete with private couches, a bar serving champagne and a restaurant with an eclectic menu. Spas and hair styling are also available for people that want to look and feel their best.

Our 7 Favorite Airport Lounges Around The World

SWISS First Lounge, Zurich International Airport
Luxury and privacy are the watch words at this lounge. Smaller, more intimate living room spaces, as well as private suites that feel like mini-hotel rooms are available to passengers waiting between flights. There are real beds available for people that just need a good night’s sleep, as well as the choice of a buffet for snacks, or full restaurant for people that want a nice meal.

GVK Lounge, Mumbai International Airport
For someone with a flair for the Indian, the sumptuous GVK lounge is hard to ignore. The gold and silver themed décor might also have something to do with it. This lounge screams decadence, with barista service, a la carte dining, spa and concierge services, and a high degree of personal attention and privacy.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal, Frankfurt International Airport
This is one of the few airport lounges in the world where your options for cleaning are a shower or a bath, and if you want a bath, you can ask for—and receive—a rubber ducky. If you’ve rented a car, they’ll return it for you. If you’re an old school snob, you can enjoy a cigar in the cigar room, and once you’re rested up and ready to go on with your flight, you’ll be driven to your plane in either a Mercedes or a Porsche. Unnecessary? Completely. Worth it? Totally.

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