Our 5 Favorite International Airports For Business Travelers

Brittany Reed

Business travel can be fun and exciting. It can also be long and tiring if you have to stay for a long layover in an airport. There are good airports and there are not-so-good airports; but what makes one better than another?

Many business flyers look for the standards such as service (check-in, arrivals, and transfers), product (shopping, security) and of course, lounges. Business travelers want their Wi-Fi, good food and drinks, and comfortable seating where they can relax and enjoy the layover. What sets some airports apart is the look and feel of the design, while others boast of fun things to do without even leaving the grounds.

Here’s our 5 favorite international airports and why we love them.

Our 5 Favorite International Airports For Business Travelers5) London Heathrow Airport (LHR). This has been one of the favorite international airports for business travelers time and time again and it continues to be well-loved. Heathrow is the world’s third-busiest airport, but has all the amenities that make it perfect. Terminal 5 has long been the best airport terminal in the world and the brand-new terminal 2 could be next. Plus, it is the major hub for British Airways and Virgin Atlantic which both have some of the best lounges at any airport.

4) Central Japan International Airport (NGO). This airport was built on a man-made island near the city of Nagoya, Japan. Known as the best regional airport in the world, it’s high on the international list as well for its 1,000 foot long sky deck where passengers can watch the ships sail into port, as well as the traditional Japanese bathhouse that overlooks sunset on the bay while you soak away your cares. Plus, the quality of the service at this airport is tops.

3) Zurich Airport (ZRH). The home of Swiss International Airlines, Zurich is the main hub that links Switzerland with the rest of the country. Ranked high among business travelers several years running, those on a long layover can rent a bicycle or in-line skates to burn off their energy. Those looking for low-key adventures can take an excursion to the Swiss Museum of Transport Lucerne.

2) Munich Airport (MUC). One of the busiest airports in Europe is also one of the best, as it serves as the major hub for Air Berlin, Condor, and Lufthansa (known world-wide for its amazing business lounges). It may be large, but it’s easy to navigate and the architecture is just gorgeous with high glass ceilings and features. Layovers become less-boring when you can play a round of mini-golf, or check out a historic aircraft display.

1) Singapore Changi International Airport (SIN). Just about every list out there has Changi International riding high at the top. The amenities are luxurious, the operation is efficient, and the architecture is beautiful. Boredom gets beat with a multimedia entertainment deck, several movie theaters, and spas. Don’t forget the corkscrew slide! Always listening to the customer, they strive to keep improving the airport experience and will be #1 for many years to come, no doubt.

Wherever your business takes you, cross your fingers that you get to view one of these beauties the next time you travel.

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