Make Traveling With Kids Just A Little Bit Easier

Brittany Reed

Frequent travelers know that providing kids an early love for travel and exploring is one of the best gifts they can be given in life. Traveling with children can be a tricky thing, however, and you want children to love the journey just as much as they love the destination. A few tips can make traveling with kids just a little bit easier, and some of these tips include:

Book an early flight
Early flights, particularly early flights on weekdays, are typically less crowded and therefore much more relaxed than other flights. When flying with kids, the low-key atmosphere of an early morning flight is easier on parents, and kids can catch up on their sleep while you’re on your way to your destination.

Make Traveling With Kids Just A Little Bit EasierPack plenty of entertainment
Packing entertainment is a given, as you never know when a flight delay or a rush of boredom might come up. Our Falcon Wheeled Duffel Bag in carry on size is perfect for packing all their tablets and other devices while keeping them charged, and ECBC fast pass makes the TSA checkpoints a breeze. Have all their toys and the corresponding cables in a convenient zip-off compartment that security can check without making a mess or wasting time.

Use water to alleviate pressure discomfort
When parents think of air pressure discomfort, they usually think about the ascent first, but it’s actually the descent that causes more discomfort to the ears in particular. Having water bottles on hand to provide to children for around the final 30 minutes of descent helps to open up the ear canal while giving much needed hydration. If water is unavailable, you can encourage your child to yawn or, if they’re old enough, have a stick of their favorite sugar-free gum.

Don’t expect sleep
Even if you take an early or very late flight, don’t expect little ones to simply shut their eyes and they’ll be there when they wake up. Bring comfort items like a pillow, favorite blanket, or stuffed toy in your carry-on to allow them to relax with, but don’t be surprised or disappointed if it doesn’t quite work the same as it does when they’re at home. It can, however, help to relax and settle them while riding out a long trip.

Pack snacks and make them low-sugar
Airplane meals and snacks might not be what your picky child wants, especially if you’re getting the snack cart coming by later in the line. Packing a few snacks you know your child loves is a great idea, and it’s an even better idea if you pack low-sugar. You don’t want that sugar rush hitting your child mid-flight, but you want to keep them satisfied with a full belly.

Using a few precautions and means of preparation can really help you and your child to love traveling together. Providing your child with an early love for travel and adventure gives them a gift they will benefit from for a lifetime.

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