Learning To Beat Chronic Travel Fatigue

Brittany Reed

A life of frequent business travel sounds like an exotic and desirable one. However, one of the first things that many living this life learn is that while a life of travelling and adventure is great, it also comes with quite a bit of burnout unique to chronic travel fatigue. Chronic travel fatigue happens when you’re taken away from home and onto the road, or the air, for long periods of time, not allowing you the self-care time you need to unwind and relax between long trips. Learning to beat chronic travel fatigue can help you to enjoy your life of travel more often, and there are things you can do while away to better enjoy your time spent on the road. A few tips to help travelers to beat the chronic travel fatigue include:

Beating jet lag
Learning To Beat Chronic Travel FatigueWhen you’re not given time to really rest and revive, jet lack will catch up with you quickly. When exhaustion takes over, your immune system suffers, and you can combat this unfortunate side effect of jet lag by refueling with fresh fruit and vegetables or whole foods in favor of those maybe less than healthy easier cuisines. Keeping hydrated and using caffeine strategically can help you to sleep more soundly and combat the effects of jet lag, allowing you to get better sleep even if you’re sleeping for shorter periods of time. Opening up the windows at your hotel and using natural sunlight to reset your circadian rhythm may also help to keep you up during the day, and get you ready for sleep at night.

Get in shape
It’s important to remember that bodies in motion tend to stay in motion, and keeping yourself in better physical shape can also help to beat chronic travel fatigue. Take advantage of hotel gyms and don’t skip out on getting a little physical exercise, as it helps to keep your energy levels higher and your body simply feeling better after a long day on the road or in the air.

Set a routine to keep in touch
Homesickness can also worsen chronic travel fatigue, and setting up a routine to check in at home via skype, a phone call, or FaceTime can really help to give you that morale boost making you feel much better. Depending on where you are in the world, schedule a time to check in at home and spend a little time talking with your family every day or every other day if possible.

Pay attention to self-care
A little bit of self-care really goes a long way, and taking a couple hours out of your travel time to take a hot bath, visit a local tourist spot, or having a nice meal can revive you in a way that you may not have expected. Paying attention to yourself and how you’re caring for yourself is something we often don’t think about, but the difference it makes in how we feel can be very dramatic.


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