Is A Messenger Bag Or Backpack Better Suited For My Trip?

Brittany Reed

When you plan to enjoy excursions and activities on your trip, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the two most popular types of day travel bags out there are backpacks and messenger bags. We have excellent and travel-friendly examples of both, like with our Javelin Executive Daypack or Trident Messenger Bag, so how do you decide which is the best to take along? Both messenger bags and backpacks have their distinct advantages, and which you should choose solely relies on what type of piece you’re looking for and how you plan to spend your day.


Traveling With Backpacks


Traveling with backpacks is ideal when you’re bringing along with you heavier loads, you’re doing more active sorts of activities, or you’re planning to travel for longer periods of time, particularly on foot. A backpack evenly distributes weight across your shoulders and back, which allows you to carry heavier loads without feeling particularly uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, while you have your backpack on, you’ll typically gradually get used to the extra weight and will soon feel like you’re carrying little at all.

 Backpacks, however, can have their disadvantages in certain areas or on certain trips. If you’re traveling for business, a backpack may not keep your belongings or your look quite as clean as you would like before a big meeting, and if you’re vacationing in hotter climates, the backpack resting on your back can warm you up. However, while backpacks can block the airflow from your back in warmer locations, they can help you to more comfortably carry your belongings through those spaces, so the reward can be much greater than the risk.


Traveling With Messenger Bags


A messenger bag has a sleek and stylish look, and these are the bags you want to carry if you’re taking with you a lighter load, you’re traveling to a hot location, or you are taking a shorter trip. One of the main benefits of a messenger bag, besides style, is that you experience less body contact when carrying it around. If you’re walking about a hot city, this lower body contact will help to keep you cool, while still allowing you to bring with you all you need to carry.

For heavier loads, however, a messenger bag isn’t ideal. The way weight is distributed in a backpack allows it to handle more weight comfortably, while a messenger bag doesn’t have quite the same weight distribution. When carrying a particularly heavy or overstuffed messenger bag around all day, you may begin to experience strain on your shoulder or neck that causes you some mild discomfort. However, if you have a shorter trip with a lighter load, a messenger bag is a perfect, convenient, and stylish option.

While there are no rules as to which type of bag is best for you, there may be benefits to one over the other depending on the type of trip you’re taking. Our backpacks and messenger bags feature FastPass and a durable construction, making either one a great choice for your next adventure.

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