How To Stay Active While Traveling

Brittany Reed

Ask any frequent traveler how easy it is to maintain their fitness routine while on the road and you might hear a few different stories. Though some may have strict workout regimens that keep them fit while traveling, others will tell you how easily they can fall to the wayside. Honestly, unless your trip takes you to places where activity is a way of life and plenty of walking is required to get from point A to point B, you might be hard-pressed to stay active.

For Those Who Like To Get Out: Take A Walk

  • City Walker. Get out and take a walk around the block, or two, if you are staying in a larger city. This works well for cities that have a lot to look at with a lot of people who are probably doing the same thing that you’re doing.
  • Park At The Park. If you’re not staying in a big city, or if your hotel is located in a rural area, hop in your rental car and head to a local park. Ask the concierge or the front desk staff for recommendations. Not only will you likely find a walking trail, you might even find some playground equipment that can double as an outdoor gym.
  • (Window) Shop ‘Til You Drop. Every city seems to have a mall, so head over and kick up your heels. You can window shop as you cruise around the perimeter of the mall until you complete as many miles as you like in well-lit safety without the worry of rain or snow. If the weather is nice, peruse the outdoor markets and you’re likely to get enough steps in to cover your day.

For Those Who Like To Stay In: Utilize What You Have

  • The Fitness Center. A hotel that has a fitness room can be your best option for staying active on a trip. Some hotels have an entire gym set up on the premises and some will give you a pass for nearby fitness center. But even if the hotel your company has booked you into only has a treadmill or an elliptical, you can still make use of whatever they have to offer that will keep you moving.How To Stay Active While Traveling
  • Bring Your DVDs. If you travel with a laptop computer that has a DVD drive, pack your yoga mat and your favorite yoga DVD on your next trip. A few stretches and moves in the privacy of your room will keep you fit and limber and can even take care of some of the stress that can build during boring or heated meetings.
  • Scour The Net. If you don’t have the luxury of a DVD drive, you can still stay active with your tablet as long as you have an internet connection. Click on over to YouTube to find a new way to work out in your room.  There are several free YouTubers who will give you everything from stretches to full hard-core workouts that won’t take much time, but will keep you going. Fitness guru Wendy Ida has a channel that can keep you on your toes no matter where you are!

Remember, it’s not so much about feeling the burn; it’s about staying active enough to keep your blood flowing and your metabolism pumping until you get back to your normal home routine.

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