How To Return Home With Your Souvenirs

Brittany Reed

Souvenirs are one of the most fun parts of travelling for many, but even the most seasoned travelers may find getting all of that stuff home is a bit of a challenge. Buying souvenirs on all of your stops allows you to take a physical piece of your experience home forever, and to have it to remind you of all of the fun you had on your trip. While returning home with souvenirs can be challenging, there are some travel hacks that can help to make the experience a bit easier:

Pack an extra bag
While on your way there, store in your carry-on an extra small bag you’ll use as your carry-on for the way home. Using our Falcon Wheeled Duffle bag as carry on for the way to your destination, but having a Hercules Laptop Backpack tucked inside is a great bet. On the way home, place all of your belongings in your former carry-on bag and have it checked, while placing your souvenirs in the backpack and carrying that onboard with you instead. If your items are able to be carried onboard, you’ll rest assured they’re all kept safe and sound, and you won’t have to stuff them into the single duffle you traveled to your destination with. Not to mention, if your luggage is temporarily lost on the way home, it’s much easier to wait it out until you get it back when you’re not completely reliant on just the necessities inside.

Send them through the mail
While this option is a little pricier than others, it’s also proved invaluable time and time again for travelers. Carefully packing and mailing your souvenirs back home will allow you to skip the stress of re-packing them altogether, and they’ll be waiting for you once you arrive. Depending on the shipping methods chosen, this option may be more affordable than you initially think.

How To Return Home With Your SouvenirsChoose smaller items
Smaller items like T-shirts, jewelry, scarves, and postcards are very easy items to pack away into your carry-on bag and you don’t have to worry about anything breaking. While this isn’t always easy when you’ve fallen in love with a vase or a sculpture, you’ll thank yourself later for trying to opt for smaller things.

Be aware of the rules
There are few things worse than buying a souvenir you love and later learning you’re unable to take it home. The customs and border protection website of your destination country and the country you’re traveling from will have information on what you may be able to take home, and what needs to stay within the country’s borders.

Wait until the end
If possible, wait until the end of your trip to purchase those souvenirs you’ve had your eye on. By doing this, you’ll be able to gauge how much room you have left in your bag, and if you plan to ship your souvenirs home, they won’t be sitting unattended at your doorstep for long periods of time.

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