How To Prepare Your Baby For Their First Flight

Brittany Reed

For parents, baby’s first flight can be a daunting and stressful experience. Being seated next to a child that young on a flight is something that many moan and groan over, leaving parents feeling like they’re put on the spot when travelling with their child. The good news is that there are preparations you can make to ensure your baby’s first flight is a good one, and that you’ve built them a foundation they can use for the rest of their lives in a love of travel. A few tips for preparing for baby’s first flight include:

Book your ticket in advance
When travelling with a baby, booking them their own ticket well in advance is beneficial. This will allow you to have your own seat for your baby, and you’ll be able to strap them into their car seat while on the plane. In order to use their car seat, however, make sure that you have one that is airline approved, and have flight attendants assist you in installing the seat after your board.

Consider time
The time you choose to fly can mean a great deal when flying with a child so young. Booking flights that correspond with their regular naptime or sleep time is best, as you won’t need to handle a bored child that young who doesn’t understand why they aren’t able to get up, crawl around, and play. Booking a flight for their regular sleep times may mean you have a fussy baby at first, but they will quickly settle in and be ready for sleep.

How To Prepare Your Baby For Their First FlightCheck airline rules
Different airlines may have different rules when it comes to what may be able to be brought on the plane. Before showing up the airport with your diaper bag and all your supplies, check the airline rules first to ensure you have everything you need, but nothing that won’t be allowed to fly with you. This also gives you time to provide alternatives for your baby should something you regularly use not be allowed.

Get a checkup
Right before your flight, take your little one for a checkup with his or her doctor, just to get the all-clear that it will be safe and comfortable for baby to fly. Ear infections and other illnesses may make flying painful or risky for your baby, so you want to ensure your baby will be ready to go comfortably for their first flight.

Pack for comfort
Rather than your standard diaper bag, you may wish to use a backpack or other bag that holds a bit more, like our Hercules Laptop Bag. With FastPass, you can place a tablet in the front easy-access zip off compartment for entertainment for baby, and use the main compartment for extra diapers, blankets, toys, wipes, pacifiers, and whatever else your baby may need.

Takeoff time
Takeoff time is usually when babies are likeliest to feel discomfort when flying, and this is due to the change in air pressure. During takeoff, provide your baby with a bottle or pacifier and their sucking motion will help to relieve the pressure they may be feeling in their ears.

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