How To Pack When You’re Spending A Semester Studying Abroad

Brittany Reed

Studying abroad is something that offers students not only an education but a rich cultural experience they’re never like to forget. What many students preparing for a semester abroad worry about most, however, is packing for their trip, and learning how to fit their entire lives into two or three suitcases. Usually, a student will want to have one or two checked bags and one carry-on bag, and this is all they have of their current personal possessions to carry them through until they come back home again. So, how do you pack when preparing for a trip abroad? What it really takes is careful planning and having just the right luggage.

First, start with your bags. You want luggage that works with you, and not against you, in making your travel as easy as possible. For carry on, we have two bags perfect for helping students to have an easier time studying abroad, and these bags are the Hercules Laptop Backpack, with our ecbc FastPass system, and the also FastPass equipped Trident Messenger Bag. Both provide easy access and a way to speed your electronics through security checkpoints, so you can bring laptops, tablets, smartphones, and all the other gadgets you’ll need for your study abroad without worry about being late for your flight due to long checkpoint lines. As for bags you plan to check, we have two perfect options for this as well. Our ecbc Sparrow II Wheeled Garment Bag features FastPass as well as a 6000 MAH Power Bank that allows you to charge your electronics from wherever your travel may take you, and the Falcon Wheeled Duffle Bag which comes in either a 26” or 30” option, and with the ability to choose one open compartment or two separated compartments.

How To Pack When You’re Spending A Semester Studying Abroad Now that you have your luggage situation figured out, it’s time to decide what goes into that luggage, and what will be invaluable to you on your trip. Packing for a semester abroad is about packing smart, and knowing what to put into your ecbc bags to maximize your space, your convenience, and your experience on your trip. A few things that should be at the top of your semester abroad packing checklist are:

Outlet adapters
If you’re studying abroad, you’ll need outlet adapters to make sure your electronics work in your country of destination. These are small and can be stowed away in a small compartment of your checked luggage, and you’ll thank yourself for remembering to pack them ahead of time.

Travel water bottle
A travel water bottle can also be stowed away in your luggage, and it will be useful while on long train rides, exploring your new destination, or simply for sipping while you’re in class.

Your toiletries
Having a few of your favorite toiletries when you get to your destination can work wonders for helping you to feel like you’re at home. A small pack of tissues and roll of toilet paper should be placed into your carry-on bag just in case you run into a situation where you need them, but they’re out of stock in local bathrooms.

Your clothing is going to take up the most space in your carry-on and checked luggage, but rolling instead of folding can help to save a ton of space. Make sure to pack a little for all weather conditions, and not to go overboard.

Packing for a semester abroad can be simple with the right luggage to take along.

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